Traditionally a refrigerator was designed to keep food and drinks stored at a desirable temperature for consumption and to maintain freshness or lengthen storage time.

Over time though people have found other novel ways to use their fridge and freezer spaces. Some more common practice. Others perhaps a little on the quirky side.

Here is a list of 15 non food or beverage items stored in a fridge or freezer

1) Glad wrap

When Glad wrap (or cling film as it is also known) is stored in the fridge, keeping it cool makes it easier to handle.

2) Glasses

Nothing better than a frosty chilled glass out of the freezer, to keep beverages cool on a hot summer’s day.

cold glass stored in freezer for chilled beverage
3) Nail polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge can help keep it fresh. This is compared to long term storage in a cupboard where it can dry out or turn gluggy.

4) Sports ice packs

Of course a traditional storage place for ice packs is the freezer. Ice packs can help reduce swelling and pain.

5) Fridge deodorisers

Whilst this isn’t an uncommon item, it is one rarely used. Cut lemons and open boxes of Bi-carb soda are often used to help absorb unsightly fridge odours.

6) Teething rings

For families with little ones in the home keeping the teething rings in the fridge or freezer helps relieve some of the pain in babies gums.  Because the cool sensation may help in reducing inflammation.

7) Make up

When kept in the fridge makeup will stay fresher for longer. It may also make some items easier to apply such as eye and lip liners.

8) Skin cosmetics

When stored in the fridge skin cosmetics such as eye masks and body scrubs may stay fresher for longer and the cooling sensation on the skin upon application is an extra bonus.

9) Medicines

For some medicines they must be stored in the fridge to maintain the potency and freshness. However in hotter climates other non-prescription items such as cough lollies are often best stored in the fridge as the heat can make them gooey and sticky.

10) Fridge & freezer containers

Running out of cupboard space? Why not store empty fridge & freezer containers in their prospective zones anyway to save valuable cupboard space. It is also keeps them nice and cool for next time you need them.

11) Sun care products

Items such as after sun gels, sprays, sunscreen and zinc are best stored in the fridge when living in hotter climates. It stops them from turning runny, but also feels great upon application.

12) Superglue

Once again this relates more so to hotter climates where the superglue may dry up quickly if not stored appropriately.

13) Kids craft products

In hot climates kids crafts such as slime and paint often lose their proper consistency or dry up quickly. So by storing these in a section of your fridge it can help them stay pliable for longer.

14) Credit cards

In an attempt to forget about credit cards and not have the cards conveniently located in purses or wallets, these little plastic temptations have been placed in the freezer. Perhaps also to ‘freeze’ the ever growing balance.

15) Paper with names

By writing on name on a piece of paper, and storing in the freezer, it is said to ‘freeze’ those people out of your life. An old wives tail but one that friends have admitted to doing – and they say it works! But perhaps this one also involves a little mind over matter.

If you have any other items you love to store in your fridge or freezer that are out of the norm, let us know via our Facebook page.