alfresco living

A weekend trip to the local display homes, you will notice the majority of new homes being designed and built have an Alfresco area. A space built for outdoor entertaining. Kind of like extending the indoor living space, outside – Alfresco living.

Unlike the traditional outdoor pergola often built in addition to the home at a later stage, the Alfresco area has become part of the home – an extension of living space and the ultimate entertaining area. The best part of Alfresco living is the space can be enjoyed through Summer, Spring, Autumn and even Winter – with the addition of extra accessories like outdoor blinds, heaters and ceiling fans.

People go as far as adding an extra kitchen – that’s right, an outdoor kitchen. No need to bring any mess back inside. You can integrate barbeques into bench tops with a mains gas connection (never worry again about whether your gas bottle is empty), install an outdoor fridge for food and drink, you can even have the kitchen sink… or should I say Alfresco sink. No more back and forth between the kitchen and the outdoors – which as a host can often make you feel like you are missing out on all the fun. The only limit when it comes to your Alfresco area and it’s capabilities is your imagination and perhaps the hip pocket.

Liebherr recently launched into the market, the MEPS rated Outdoor Beverage Centre (OKes 1750), with features such as LED lighting, glass and wire telescopic shelving, and key lock entry. The stainless steel fridge can be freestanding or built under a bench top. By installing it under a bench top it also gives you extra space to use for serving purposes.

Suited for both beverages and foods, this appliance will be a delight to have in your very own Alfresco area. Happy entertaining.