Tomato Sauce

We all have our own way of doing things. Some people like to put the butter on the outside of the bread when making a toasted sandwich, some people like it on the inside, some people love tomato sauce on EVERYTHING, others avoid the condiment where possible.

We could go on and on, but the issue that divides the country that we are most interested is whether to store our beloved sauces and spreads in the fridge or the pantry?

You know what we’re talking about… That list of spreads, sauces and condiments that no home can come to a unanimous decision on where to keep this liquid gold. People across the nation are torn between storing their tomato sauce in the fridge or the the pantry. But, sauce is not the only contentious condiment, there is a wide list of foodstuffs that has the country divided.

Here at Liebherr, we are the experts in all things cooling and refrigeration, therefore, we think it is our duty to ensure that we know what the recommended answer is when we are put to the test on what to do with each of these items. To put in our research and get some sort of decision around this heated topic, we have decided to start up a series to determine what the outstanding preference is and why.

So, keep an eye on our Liebherr Facebook Page because each month we will be putting one product to the test. If you would like your voice heard, if you would like to stand up and be counted, make sure you are casting your vote.

The first post will be up this week, and you never know there may be some surprises to some of the responsive crowd. And together, we will make it our mission to get to the bottom of this and give you the answers you deserve.


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