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Dijana Stangolev

Marketing is something I stumbled into back when it was old-school (mainly print, advertising and a billboard-style website), but what a great field to fall into..! I love everything about the power of creativity, I love using my brain and ‘making things pretty’ (well that’s what most people think Marketing involves, and yes it is part of it). My O.C.D for perfection and my attention-to-detail can be both a pro and a con, but it’s me and it’s how I roll, professionally and personally. I love photography (I have been inspired since I was introduced to Vivian Maier). I shoot both digital and 35mm film, and I struggle to switch off eyeing that next moment worthy of capturing. The digital space has opened us up to a world of creativity and I love being part of that creative space and bringing it across into my career.