Liebherr Barrique wine cellars are just infants.  Well, when compared to Liebherr refrigeration that is.  Because Liebherr have been producing premium refrigeration for over a century.

Unveiling their first refrigeration line in 1954, they have become Europe’s largest manufacturer of premium refrigeration. But their passion for refrigeration appliances didn’t stop there.  Liebherr expanded the manufacturing process, in the 1980s, to include an extensive range of wine cellars. The current Liebherr range of wine cellars offer storage solutions that are specifically tailored, well, for storing wine. When it comes to premium wine storage, Liebherr is the only choice.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine storage industry Liebherr introduced a new range.  Barrique by Liebherr  This year we celebrate the Barrique single zone wine cellars 10th anniversary. This range was released with the intent of making investing in wine storage affordable to all wine aficionados. Liebherr did this without compromising on key elements pertinent in the premium wine cellar range. Elements which are imperative for precision temperature and maturation of wine.

Liebherr Barrique wine cellar

So what makes a Liebherr and Barrique wine cellar different from a fridge?

Constant Temperature, Ideal Humidity, Perfect Air Quality, Vibration Free and UV Protection are five principal points that make the appliance a wine cellar.  Not a glorified fridge.

Constant Temperature

Liebherr wine cellars maintain precise temperatures between 5°C to 20°C, because consistent temperature is vital.  By minimising temperature variance, it assists in wine aging correctly when it comes to long term storage.

Ideal Humidity

Liebherr wine cellars also guarantee ideal conditions for the suppleness of the cork and the prevention of oxidization, featuring ideal humidity between 50% – 80% (depending on ambient humidity).

Perfect Air Quality

Each Liebherr wine cellar has one activated charcoal filter to assist in maintaining perfect air quality.  However selected models with more than one zone, feature a filter in each zone.  Air quality is decisive for preserving and maturing wine. Natural untreated beech wood shelves are important as well.  No chemical aromas are introduced into the environment that will influence the wines flavour. Plus, perfect air quality reduces the instance of mould on corks and labels stored long term.

Vibration Free

Preventing wine from being disturbed the compressor is also mounted on an ‘isolation block’.  Specially designed to absorb vibrations.

UV Protection

Liebherr wine cellars also feature tinted and double glazed glass doors.  Double glazing and tinting helps to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays causing discolouration to labels.  Plus unwanted reactions to wine.  Whilst solid door models offer a natural UV protection for the stored wine.

Celebrate with Barrique

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Barrique range, Liebherr have produced a limited-edition wine cellar – WKb 4601. The limited edition model is black and finished with a sophisticated bold glass of red wine.

Barrique 10 year anniversary edition

So if you want to know more about the Liebherr Barrique wine cellar range visit the website.  Or alternatively contact sales on 1800 685 899.