Congratulations! You’ve purchased a Liebherr BioFresh refrigerator. You can now be confident that your fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy can last significantly longer than a conventional refrigerator crisper. This means less trips to the grocery store, as well as less spoilage due to the foods extended shelf life, allowing more time for produce to be consumed.

But when it comes to storing your fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats in your refrigerator, it can be quite challenging to remember what to store where and at what humidity it will best be preserved. With so many varieties of foods, we start to ask the questions; high (HydroSafe) or low (DrySafe) humidity? BioFresh or BioFreshPlus (where available)? And just how much extra life will I get from my BioFresh appliance?

The Liebherr BioFresh App

Well to help answer all the above questions and more Liebherr introduced the BioFresh App available for download via your SmartPhone or Android App store.

With seven categories (Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese, Dairy, Fish & Seafood, Meat & Sausages, Bakery) there are close to 150 food items listed offering the best storage advice (Fridge vs BioFresh vs BioFreshPlus), the humidity and the estimated lifespan based on the storage location. It even tells you what vitamins and minerals the foods contain. Search Liebherr BioFresh in the App store.

Looking for more information?

We also highly recommend reading the instructional manual which accompanies your appliance as it will offer specific guidance relating to your appliance.