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When it comes to storing your fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats in your refrigerator, it can be quite challenging to remember what to store where and at what humidity it will best be preserved. With so many varieties of foods, we start to ask the questions; are carrots best stored in high or low humidity? Should dairy products such as cheese be in the same drawer as fruit and vegetables? What about meat and seafood – what is their optimum storage?

Liebherr Mark Their BioFresh Crisper Drawers with Food Category Icons

Liebherr offer an extremely handy solution by marking food type icons on their transparent BioFresh and BioFreshPlus drawers which indicate the types of foods suitable for each compartment. For BioFresh drawers (0°C), by determining what category the food falls within based on the icon on the drawer, it implies the best humidity setting, as icons are printed on the left hand side of the drawer indicating a dry humidity (signalled by one droplet) whilst pictures on the right denote a preference to a more moist environment (multiple droplets).

BioFreshPlus drawers go one step further with the choice of multiple temperatures (-2°C, 0°C & 6°C) with food imagery following each temperature option so you know exactly where the selected fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood will be best stored. Many tropical fruits are not suited to the traditional BioFresh drawers (0°C) due to the temperature sitting just above freezing point, the BioFreshPlus drawers indicate this by picturing fruits such as pineapple, avocado and citrus types next to the 6°C temperature button (with high humidity). Whilst seafood can be stored in the BioFresh compartment in DrySafe conditions, lengthening the lifespan compared to traditional crisper methods, BioFreshPlus at -2°C promotes an even longer consumption period.

BioFresh Icons

So, if you are ever in doubt about how your food will be best preserved, simply glance at the exterior of your BioFresh or BioFreshPlus drawers to refresh your memory or you can refer to your operational instructional manual. To find out what current Liebherr models are fitted with BioFresh and BioFreshPlus technology visit the Liebherr website.

Remember you also have the BioFresh app to download as an additional helping hand when it comes to best storing your fresh produce.

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