BlackSteel is a new kind of stainless steel – but of course it’s black.  Stainless steel has dominated the kitchen appliance industry for a number of years. Visually it promotes an air of sophistication often unrivalled by other traditional appliance colours.  That was until Liebherr BlackSteel side by side refrigeration was unveiled.

BlackSteel – a twist on the traditional

Liebherr’s BlackSteel side by side refrigeration is a twist on the traditional stainless steel side by side. The Zeitgeist of refrigeration.  Quite simply it is a monochrome master piece!

Liebherr BlackSteel Aluminium Industrial Handle

BlackSteel is an unusual and unique black stainless steel.  It offers a new age hi-tech appeal while still retaining a timeless elegance. Finished with a modern industrial style aluminum door handle, with integrated door opening mechanism for convenient and minimal effort, it will still complement other stainless steel appliances.  Appliances such as dishwashers, cookers and canopies often featured in stainless steel in many homes.

Liebherr’s BlackSteel refrigeration features SmartSteel finish which noticeably reduces the visibility of fingerprints.  It is easy to clean and is impressively scratch resistant.  When cleaning the surface it is best to use soft microfiber style cloths, gentle cleaning products and move with the grain.

Liebherr BlackSteel SBSbs7253 SBSbs 7253 Side by Side

The most popular model in the BlackSteel range is Liebherr’s SBSbs 7253 offering three distinct climate zones – fridge, freezer and BioFresh.  When stored in Liebherr’s BioFresh as opposed to traditional refrigerator crispers, fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy can last significantly longer.  This is due to the BioFresh drawer temperature maintained at just above 0°C in conjunction with adjustable humidity.  Other features include SoftSystem door closure, LED lighting and SoftTouch LCD (liquid crystal display).

Other models in the range

Models in the BlackSteel side by side range include the award winning SBSbs 7263 (awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2015) and SBSbs 7353 with five distinct climate zones.

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