BlackSteel is a monochrome masterpiece.  A twist on the traditional stainless-steel side by side.  But with a brushed black steel finish.  Liebherr’s BlackSteel refrigeration is unique offering hi-tech appeal.  Plus its combined with timeless elegance and an exceptional textural depth.  The transverse-polished finish gives BlackSteel an exclusive appearance, ensuring it is a talking point in any home.

Striking in appearance, with exceptional appeal, the BlackSteel refrigeration range is coated with Liebherr’s high quality SmartSteel coating.  SmartSteel reduces the visibility of smudges and is scratch resistant.  So this means your appliance visually looks cleaner from one day to the next compared to traditional steel finishes.  Plus due to the coating when it does need a clean, it is a lot easier.

BlackSteel design in the spotlight

Quality, design and innovation are embedded into Liebherr’s appliance DNA.  And design certainly takes centre-stage with the unique BlackSteel refrigeration range.  It showcases Liebherr’s creative vision and commitment to evolving technology and innovative appliances.  Appliances that are sophisticated, timeless and exclusive.  Stylish in form, beautiful both inside and out.  The spotlight was on Liebherr’s BlackSteel SBSbs 7263 side by side when it was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award in 2015.  And it has been in the spotlight ever since.

BlackSteel not just a pretty face

Characterised by their striking black colour and distinctive surface finish, Liebherr’s BlackSteel side by sides are not just a pretty face.  As they say, it’s also what’s on the inside that counts.  And Liebherr’s BlackSteel is certainly full of features which are functional and beneficial.

Liebherr BlackSteel

Available side by side models in the range include SBSbs 7263, SBSbs 7353 and SBSbs 7253.  Each offers three distinct climate zones – fridge, freezer and BioFresh.  When stored in Liebherr’s BioFresh as opposed to traditional refrigerator crispers, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy can last significantly longer.  This is due to the BioFresh drawer temperature maintained at just above 0°C in conjunction with adjustable humidity.  Liebherr’s SBSbs 7353 also offers additional refrigerator crisper drawers for items that may not necessarily benefit from BioFresh storage such as food items with use by dates.

Other features across the range include SoftSystem door closure, LED lighting, SoftTouch LCD (liquid crystal display).  Plus, Liebherr’s SuperCool and SuperFrost functions.  An IceMaker is an extra feature available in the SBSbs 7263 and SBSbs 7353 models only.

Finished with a modern industrial style aluminium door handle, with the integrated door opening mechanism the appliance opens with minimal effort.  Liebherr’s BlackSteel side by side fridges will still complement other stainless-steel appliances such as dishwashers, cookers and canopies which feature in many homes of this generation.

Liebherr BlackSteel Aluminium Industrial Handle

Why BlackSteel?

Why BlackSteel?  Well quite simply, why not?  Within, the scope of Liebherr’s CoolVision design studies series, Liebherr regularly sets new refrigeration standards and showcases new innovative ideas.  Every year at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, you can see how Liebherr experiment with design, light and new finishes to create inspirational ideas for future products, revealing just what is possible in these areas.

The exclusivity of BlackSteel makes these appliances stand out as truly sensational additions to any kitchen.  The fascinating combination of the aluminium with the stainless steel somehow amplifies the unique nature of the BlackSteel; it is highly impressive and with it Liebherr reiterates that ‘Quality, Design and Innovation’ are an intrinsic trio in the development of its appliances.

Limited Time Only

For a limited time only receive a free upgrade to BlackSteel when you purchase the equivalent stainless steel side by side.  Full terms and conditions apply.

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