BluPerformance is the new generation of freestanding appliances which quite simply, have revolutionised the refrigeration market.  Greater energy efficiency, increased net capacity (in the same overall appliance size!), quieter operation and enhanced performance are all hallmarks of this innovative new range.

BluPerformance - the new generation of Liebherr appliances

BluPerformance – the new generation of Liebherr appliances

To say BluPerformance appliances are energy efficient is an understatement.  All standalone fridges in the range benefit from a 4.0 energy star rating whilst the available freezers include both 5.0 and 5.5 star ratings.  Our BluPerformance bottom mount fridge-freezer, rates at a market-leading 5.5 stars for energy efficiency.

So how does Liebherr BluPerformance achieve such an outstanding energy efficiency yet not compromise on consumer conveniences?  Our research and development team found a way to compactly integrate refrigeration technology into the base of the appliance, therefore freeing up vital space throughout the appliance for even more food storage.  Combined with a specially mounted compressor, this innovative design makes the BluPerformance range exceptionally quiet.

BioFresh – longer lasting freshness


BioFresh drawers in new BluPerformance range

BioFresh drawers in new BluPerformance range


So, what did we do with the additional storage space?  Firstly, we allocated more space to the BioFresh drawers.  Now significantly larger, the Premium BioFresh drawers can be set as either HydroSafe (with a higher humidity level) or DrySafe (with a lower humidity level) via the humidity control panel, making the fridge completely flexible when it comes to fresh food storage!  Mounted on telescopic rails, the drawers open and close effortlessly even when fully stocked. Upon closing, the drawers self-retract gently due to the soft closing mechanism.  Plus, with LED lighting illuminating the contents, everything is easy to find.

Design follows function

For Liebherr, design follows function.  There is no point designing an appliance, only to find that it is simply not functional.  When bringing to life a new appliance, we ensure our features and functionality are first and foremost, before packaging them up in a timeless exterior.  BluPerformance is no exception.  With minimalistic lines and the new HardLine design, these appliances are a visual masterpiece in any kitchen.

Convenient and easy door opening is ensured by the opening mechanism that is integrated into the handle.

Convenient and easy door opening is ensured by the opening mechanism that is integrated into the handle.

Features in the BluPerformance range (depending on the model) include:
  • DuoCooling – two separate evaporators meaning the refrigerator and freezer or BioFresh and freezer have independent regulation, with no air exchange between the two compartments.
  • VarioSafe – the perfect storage solution for smaller food items, packets, tubes and jars
  • GlassLine fittings – facilitate a clear, organised overview of stored food.
  • LED ceiling lighting provides homogeneous illumination throughout the entire interior. In Premium BioFresh models the BioFresh partition plate features integrated LED rear wall lighting which provides perfect interior illumination and wonderful presentation for food. The freezer compartment drawers are optimally illuminated from above via LED lighting housed under of the refrigerator compartment door.

With the refrigeration technology integrated into the appliance plinth, there is no requirement for a condenser at the back of the appliance. Transport handles are integrated at the top of the appliance (rear side) to make moving and repositioning easier.

Touch display for ease of use

High-resolution 2.4-inch touchscreen colour display

High-resolution 2.4-inch touchscreen colour display

BluPerformance premium appliances come with a high-resolution 2.4-inch touchscreen colour display integrated into the upper lining.  Setting the appliance temperature and other functionality such as SuperCool and SuperFrost, is controlled via this display.  Additional functions can also be activated via the touch display such as Sabbath mode and the Holiday program.

Activated charcoal filter

Fresh air activated charcoal filter.

On all BluPerformance fridge-freezers and refrigerators, a FreshAir activated charcoal filter is integrated into the PowerCooling fan’s housing. This cleans the circulating air and quickly traps contaminating odours to ensure optimum air quality. The electronic control panel features a convenient reminder function, which indicates when the filter needs changing.

A range of side by sides, fridges, freezers and bottom mount are available.  Visit our website for more full product specifications.

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