Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Liebherr are pleased to announce the expansion of our stainless steel freestanding bottom mount refrigerator range with the addition of two new models; the CNPef 4516 and CNPef 4416. These models mean there are now three bottom mount appliances available to consumers to choose from, with varying gross capacities; 473 (CBNes 5167), 442 (CNPef 4516) and 387 (CNPef 4416) litres.

What are the main differences between the three Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Visually, all three models are striking and sophisticated with the CBNes 5167 the tallest in the range, at a height of just over two metres. Besides the CBNes 5167’s LCD menu on the fridge door (see below), all three appear identical with stainless steel doors finished in SmartSteel which helps to reduce finger prints being left behind, as well as making the appliance easier to clean). Futhermore, the CBNes 5167’s cabinet is also stainless steel, offering a little extra luxury if the fridge is not housed in a cavity, while the CNPef models are complemented with a silver-grey powder coated cabinet.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Functionality wise, one of the main differences between the CBNes 5167 and the new CNPef bottom mount refrigerators is the BioFresh drawers and an internal IceMaker versus the traditional fruit & vegetable drawers and no IceMaker.

What key functions do these models feature

All bottom mount refrigerators offer Sabbath mode, GlassLine shelves, VarioSpace and Liebherr’s unique SuperCool and SuperFrost functions for fast chilling and freezing, particularly useful prior to grocery shopping to minimise impact to existing groceries while loading the new items, as temperatures are rapidly reduced upon selecting either or both functions, thereby prolonging food preservation.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

For a complete list of product specifications and features the Liebherr CBNes 5167, CNPef 4516 and CNPef 4416 bottom mount fridges can be viewed on our website or contact 1800 685 899 and chat with one of our friendly team.

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