Christmas preparations to save the day

Did someone say ‘Christmas’. Are you scratching your head wondering where the year went and how you didn’t notice all the Christmas decorations in the department stores, which have been up since October. With our busy schedules, you may have overlooked the year’s most important holiday approaching, Christmas. Don’t panic, here are some tips for a last-minute Christmas prep.

Plan with your loved ones

Start a group chat. It’s the best way to keep all involved informed. That way there is no excuse that someone wasn’t aware of what is happening and when it’s happening. First thing is first, who is hosting this year’s festivities!

Christmas preparations to save the day

Delegate tasks

Make sure everyone contributes to the occasion. From food to drinks. Ask each family to bring a plate or a dessert. It would be a good idea, if desserts are brought, to share in the chat who is bringing what. You don’t want to be faced with two Pavlovas when one of those could’ve been a yummy baked Cheesecake.

Tidy up the home

There’s no time nor point to do a Spring clean before the gathering, so turn on a little Bing Crosby or Michael Bublé in the background while you do the basics: vacuum, mop and spray, you won’t even notice the cleaning while you are humming to the classics.

Keep the Christmas menu simple

Many opt for the Summer BBQ, outdoor entertainment is a part of our Aussie DNA, so a mixture of red meat, chicken and don’t forget the king prawns on the barbie will be Christmas bliss. If you want to go traditional, you can’t go past a glazed roasted ham leg or a roasted turkey.

Christmas preparations to save the day

Wrap Christmas gifts as you buy them

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Take this option if it’s available when purchasing gifts, you will be thankful you did when it comes time to wrapping all the pressies. Even if there is a small fee, trust me, it’s worth avoiding the struggle of finding where the sticky tape begins, holding down the knot to tie a bow and it doesn’t end there.

Christmas preparations to save the day

Eat, drink and be merry.

Christmas is here, it will be a busy morning, keep communication open, the gathering will be with your loved ones who choose to spend the day with you. Enjoy each other’s company, eat, drink and just be merry. Most of all let’s be grateful for all we have and share with those who are less fortunate.

Christmas preparations to save the day

We wish you a joyous and wonderful festive season! Merry Christmas from your Liebherr family.

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