humidor cigar cellar

Many find themselves attempting to enjoy a cigar as a celebratory gesture; a wedding, the birth of a child, a promotion, a sports team win or simply for pleasure. There are also the cigar aficionados who find cigars extremely appealing and intensely satisfying. So, to ensure the best aroma and flavour is preserved, how should cigars be stored? For many, storing cigars is simply keeping them in a box, in a cool and dry environment, but that’s not the best way to ensure they are stored in the perfect condition.

That’s where Liebherr have designed and manufactured, for the sole purpose of premium cigar storage, the Humidor Cigar Cellar (ZKes 453). Liebherr’s Humidor offers the ultimate microclimate, storage environment for cigars to mature to perfection. To ensure aroma retention and proper maturation, there must be an ideal interplay between temperature and humidity, with humidity far more important because once a cigar dries out, the flavour and aroma is compromised.

How does the Liebherr Humidor Cigar Cellar nurture your cigars?

Like wine, storing cigars in the appropriate climate allows them to not only mature in peak condition but allows their true aroma to unfold. For this to occur, there are a few key requirements including accurate temperature, adjustable and constant humidity and simple handling. Stored within incorrect climatic conditions, the valuable aroma of cigars will be compromised and potentially resulting in a large financial loss

The optimum humidity for cigars is between 68% and 75%. A one litre integrated distilled water tank (with a visual display to indicate a top-up is required) is regulated via humidity sensors to ensure exact compliance with the selected humidity range. Should the climatic conditions change due to the door opening, the Humidor will automatically readjust the humidity once the door is closed. Temperature can be set between 16°C and 20°C with the touch of a button. Both the humidity and the temperature are operable separately via the electronic MagicEye control system. It is important that cigars are not exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as this can lead to mould and rotting, rendering the cigars unfit for purpose.

humidor cigar cellar

What makes the Humidor Cigar Cellar unique?

Crafted from Spanish cedar wood there are two shelves and two presentation boxes (one larger than the other) to allow storage of packaged or loose cigars respectively. LED lighting with a dimmer function allows cigars to be showcased whilst generating virtually no heat in the process, so as not to compromise their quality. Finished in a brushed stainless steel with a UV protected glass door (internal temperature is immune to all external temperature influences), the three different control circuits and four fans ensure the perfect microclimate for both short and long term storage.

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The Humidor is a product fit for its purpose, Liebherr do not encourage smoking cigarettes nor cigars.