When purchasing a Liebherr appliance, you are buying quality. Liebherr use the highest standard components and materials in all appliances to guarantee consistent product quality. During the production process, every appliance is tested to ensure it meets Liebherr’s stringent quality and functionality requirements. Liebherr’s reputation for long lasting and superior appliances is driven by design reinvention, continual product development, superb workmanship and optimised components.

Quality is just one of the reasons Liebherr have been recognised by independent awards over the years. Awards include Red Dot, iF Design, Good Design and Interior Innovation Award for selected models in the Liebherr range (visit our website for further details). Liebherr have been honoured with the prestigious Plus X Award which covers a range of categories including High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology for models such as the SBSes 7165, CBNes 5167, SBS 70I4 (SIGN 3576 & SIKB 3550 paired), ECBN 5066, WTes 5872 and WKEes 553.

Liebherr refrigerators are more than just quality

When buying a Liebherr refrigerator, not only are you buying a quality, award-winning appliance, but you are purchasing a brand which is environmentally conscious. From the beginning, when developing the appliance, Liebherr’s ActiveGreen philosophy is applied. Liebherr use the highest-quality components to build refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars, appliances which are durable, reliable and energy efficient.

Plastics are labelled for optimum recycling when the time comes. Resources are also used efficiently during the manufacturing process, such as the heat generated during manufacturing being recycled as heat energy. All European manufacturing sites are certified in accordance with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

When the need arises for a new fridge, freezer or wine cellar be sure to take a look at the award winning, environmentally conscious Liebherr range of appliances. You will not be disappointed.

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