Across the Liebherr range of wine cellars there are a number of features, shall we say technical in nature, designed to create the perfect wine storage solution. These include key ingredients such as activated charcoal filters, special vibration free compressors, ideal humidity (50% to 80%) and tinted glass doors for UV protection. When combined they all contribute toward the perfect maturation environment for wine. They are what make Liebherr wine cellars…actual wine cellars….and not just a glorified fridge.

Built-in Wine Cellar features

Liebherr wine cellar features – why there are included

There are many other not-so-technical features in a Liebherr wine cellar that also contribute to the ease of use, functionality and presentation of the appliance. We’ve put together five features (out of a multitude – we don’t want to overwhelm you!) and explain the benefits that come with each.


    Liebherr wine cellars feature key locks. These key locks also include a safety mechanism.  Similar to kids medicine from the chemist to make them harder to open. Upon inserting the key, additional pressure on the key lock must be applied before the key can be turned. The same applies for locking and unlocking. The lock cylinder is spring loaded and will eject the key if you release it. Consequently, it makes it harder for little hands to gain access to our prized possessions.


    Liebherr hand crafted beech wood wine cellar shelves are strong and will hold up to a massive 25kg per shelf. That is potentially a mammoth 33 bottles (based on 750ml Bordeaux) – if the height between the shelves allowed, of course. Many of the wooden shelves are also positioned on telescopic runners. It is extremely important to have tough, easy to manoeuvre shelving, especially when filling to capacity as multiple bottles are stacked on top of each other to achieve maximum storage capacity.

    features beech wood shelves


    Selected models in the Liebherr range feature new touch capacitance technology. By gently touching the relevant function, features will activate. The exact contact point of the button is between the symbol and the label. Our delicate drops deserve delicate handling after all. Soft touch technology results in a smoother more streamline appearance of the control panel.


    Most wine cellars in the Liebherr range feature double glazed safety glass doors. Because of this many Liebherr wine cellars provide the option to leave the light on permanently to create atmosphere and view the wines easily within. Ambient light is particularly striking in the evening. Brightness level is adjustable to create the perfect atmosphere. Concerned about the heat generated by the light? No need to worry.  Many Liebherr wine cellars feature LED lighting, which emit very little heat.


    All Liebherr wine cellars feature an activated charcoal filter (some include one per zone) to ensure optimum air quality. Mould growth on labels and corks will reduce due to the filter. Therefore, air quality will be maintained if the filter is changed annually.  So, at the start of day light savings not only should you change your clock and change your smoke detector batteries… you should now change your activated charcoal filter. An easy way to remember to freshen up the wine cellar air.

    features activated charcoal filter

Of course if you want to know more about Liebherr wine cellars, visit one of our specialist Liebherr dealers or contact Liebherr on 1800 685 899.