Flexible refrigeration – Fun and Feature Packed.

Liebherr offers flexible refrigeration when it comes to fully integrated appliances – which is also fun and feature packed!

What does fully integrated mean?  Cabinetry is secured to the front of the appliance, using an installation method called door-on-door.  It is usually matching the kitchen décor but definitely not a prerequisite!  Instantly the fridge disappears! Handles installed might reveal your hidden secret but if you install with “handle-less” entry it is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Liebherr flexible refrigeration fully integrated

So what about the three F’s – Flexible, Fun and Feature packed.

Liebherr fully integrated flexible refrigeration – how does it work?

There is a choice of six fully integrated 60cm wide refrigerators in the range (SICBN 3366, SICBN 3356, SICN 3366, SICN 3356, SIKB 3550 or SIGN 3576).  Create your own personal side by side combination based on your family needs and shopping habits. More or less fridge or freezer, no problem! Fresh food fanatic? Then more BioFresh it is!

Pick the fridge, freezer or fridge/freezer pair that complements your lifestyle. Why work around your fridge demands, when the fridge can work around yours!

Liebherr’s bottom mount 75cm (ECBN 5066) and 91cm (ECBN 6156) fully integrated fridge/freezers can also be paired to create a grand scale side by side.  For a statement piece, you can even turn these models into fully integrated stainless steel bottom mount appliances.  Purchase the optional extra stainless steel door panels and handles to achieve the ever popular look with seamless integration.

ECBN 5066 Side by Side Flexible Refrigeration

As the ECBN 6256 fully integrated is a French door refrigerator you can’t put two of them side by side.  However it is just as flexible as the 75cm bottom mount range. How you ask? Because you can also turn this model from a hidden gem behind your own cabinetry, into a flush stainless steel appliance.  Optional extra stainless steel doors and handles are available for purchase.

What makes a Liebherr Fully Integrated refrigerator fun?

How many refrigerators do you know that will let you give it any facelift you like?

Have fun creating your own personalised look.

  • use matching décor to suit the remainder of your kitchen
  • create a black board for your kids to draw on
  • turn your fridge cabinetry into a work of art with splashes of colour or a printed image.

The fun possibilities are endless!

Features – what are they and how do they benefit you?

There are so many features in a Liebherr refrigerator – you would lose interest if we tried to list them all!

So in sticking with the F theme, here are 5 key features of Liebherr refrigeration and how these features will benefit you.

1. BioFresh – the just above 0°C drawer keeps your food fresher for longer.  So less trips to the grocery store.

2. SuperCool – reduces the fridge temperature to +2°C which assists with cooling new food more rapidly, therefore preserves food for longer.

3. SuperFrost – reduces the freezer temperature to -32°C which means existing items are unlikely to suffer from excessive temperature rise, when the door is open door loading.

4. DuoCooling – two independently controlled cooling circuits operate the fridge and freezer, meaning no air exchange between the fridge and freezer, stopping food from drying out.

5. NoFrost – streams ice cold air around the food which freezes quickly.  Excess humidity is taken out of the freezer so that the appliance never frosts over.  Never manually defrost again!

So there you go…. Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigeration – flexible, fun and feature packed! Want to know more? Visit our website or call 1800 685 899.

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