Liebherr French Door CBNes 6256

Liebherr French-door refrigerators are the perfect solution when it comes to food storage on a large scale. When we make reference to ‘large’ scale, it’s not just the generous quantities of food we are referring to, but also the refrigerator’s ability to cater to oversized platters the length of one adult’s arm. Apart from the ample food storage availability, Liebherr French-door appliances are a visual masterpiece, inside and out, hosting features which make them both undeniably practical and stylish.

What makes a refrigerator a French-door?

Picture yourself opening double doors into a grand ball room, both arms ready, you swing the two doors open, revealing luxury inside. These two-winged doors on the fridge portion of the appliance are what characterises the name, French-door fridge-freezer.

The two advantages of this type of door are;
– the doors don’t swing out as far upon opening, so they don’t intrude into your space as much as traditional doors.
– upon opening the doors, a lengthy shelf space is revealed for items such as freshly caught fish.

Liebherr French-door fridge-freezers are completed with two pull-out drawers on telescopic rails, which makes it extremely easy to access foods, even the items that usually get lost in the rear. With an internal storage width of 67cm and depth of 29cm, the freezer also offers the perfect space for bulky items.

What’s the difference between a French-door and a Side-by-Side refrigerator?

Traditional side by side appliances are made up of a freezer on the left and a fridge on the right, divided by an insulated wall. French-door appliances however are like bottom mount fridge-freezers in that the refrigerator zone is located above the freezer, which is generally considered more ergonomic as we frequent the refrigerator more often compared to the freezer.

french door

What type of French-door models does Liebherr offer?

There are two types of French-door models in the Liebherr range: a freestanding (CBNes 6256) and a fully integrated (ECBN 6256).

What are the technical benefits of a French-door fridge-freezer?

One of the major benefits of a Liebherr French-door fridge-freezer is that it operates on two compressors which means the fridge and freezer work independently of each other, making it possible to operate only one compartment in the appliance, if ever required. This can be useful if going on holidays to save energy, by storing any remaining foods in the freezer and switching off the fridge cavity.

What are the benefits of a fully integrated French-door fridge-freezer?

By installing a Liebherr fully integrated French-door appliance (ECBN 6256) it allows you to streamline the appearance of your kitchen cabinetry, as the same cabinet can be installed using the door-on-door installation method. Your fridge will appear invisible until you open the doors to reveal the guilty pleasures within!

Liebherr EBCN 6256 French Door

Other French-door features and benefits?

– With a gross capacity of 585 litres, Liebherr French-door appliances offer ample space for food and drink storage.
– Fridge LED lighting columns on both sides of the interior combined with an LED ceiling light, providing the ultimate in interior illumination.
– Safety glass shelves allow easy visibility of all foods and ensure food is secure (no unexpected leaks that can be experienced through grid shelving).
– An internal IceMaker located in the spacious freezer. Plus integrated water filter in the fridge ensures perfect water quality for the ice cubes.
– BioFresh (0°C) drawers on telescopic rails, with food staying fresher significantly longer than traditional crisper drawers.
– Freezer drawers on telescopic rails with self-closing mechanism near closing completion.
– NoFrost freezer and auto defrosting fridge.

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