GlassLine ShelvesLike all things Liebherr, each decision regarding the manufacturing of refrigerator appliances are made with purpose. From the working mechanics and parts, to the refrigerator’s internal features and fixtures, finishing with the external materials used and the end product – nothing is left to chance. So, when it comes to selecting the type of shelving used in Liebherr premium fridges and freezers, glass was the obvious choice.

What’s so special about Liebherr’s GlassLine Shelves

There are a number of reasons why Liebherr chose to use glass for their shelving:

– Liebherr GlassLine storage shelves are strong. With a weight limit on the refrigerator full glass shelves of 22kg and the sectional glass shelves of 11kg – you can stock your refrigerator shelves and be confident that the shelving will offer the optimum support.

– Glass is hygienic and easy to clean.

– Light can be reflected easily through the refrigerator’s interior with glass shelving.

– Unlike wire shelves, if there is a spill or a leak, the glass shelves will negate or minimise the spill damage, assisted by the shelving trim (ie: minimal or no spread throughout the rest of the fridge depending on the spillage type, liquid vs solids – and of course the spill quantity!).

– Glass can assist in maintaining the temperature as it absorbs the cool air.

– Liebherr GlassLine shelves with their stainless steel trim gives the interior a fresh and clean design.

– Selected models in the Liebherr range also feature glass shelving underneath the freezer drawers, so that when required for larger items, the drawers can be removed and the GlassLine shelving can be used to store items – Liebherr call this the VarioSpace.

Visit our website to view the complete range of Liebherr fridges and freezers featuring GlassLine shelves.

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