Christmas is fast approaching and we here at Liebherr Australia want to help you enjoy the festive season without the stress or worry of fitting so much in before the big day. We’ve prepared some tips to help you enjoy a care free Christmas…

  1. Organise a family Kris Kringle to cut down on the gifts you need to buy

We all know that shopping for presents can be painful during the holiday season so organise a family Secret Santa or Kris Kringle. This means that instead of buying lots of gifts you only need to purchase one. Everyone gets to open a gift and enjoy the spirit of giving without the stress.

  1. Buy your fresh produce weeks in advance

Trying to find a ham, turkey and prawns as you get closer to Christmas Day can be tricky. Avoid the drama by purchasing these items ahead of time. With Liebherr’s BioFresh Plus you can rest assured that your food will be fresh and delicious on Chrissy Day. 

  1. Prepare and store salads ahead of time

Getting as much of the prep work done before the big gathering is a great way to cut down on pressure leading up to your guests arrival. You can store your salads undressed in your Liebherr refrigerator.


  1. Cool beverages

We all know that it’s no white Christmas in Australia so make sure you have a good selection of cold beverages for guests and heaps of water. For those you lucky enough to have a Liebherr Beverage Centre this is the perfect time to make the most of it. For those that don’t, you’ll need to store the drinks in ice, which can be messy but helps keeps them cool.

  1. Theming and décor

When it comes to theming, you can purchase an array of Christmas table top ornaments and linens all over town. So, be sure to get this down ASAP. Don’t forget the Christmas Crackers, again leading up to Christmas these get more difficult to source as they walk out the doors.

  1. Place settings at the table

We always think it’s worthwhile arranging specified seating around the Christmas table as this means you can group your younger guests together and provide the spots with more space to some of your older family members.


For your place cards, you can use some old cardboard and the leftover gift tag stickers to create Christmas name cards. This could be a fun activity for the family to take part in…

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