Although Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are extremely energy efficient, the following tips and ideas will help you to reduce energy consumption even further.

Over recent years, our refrigeration and freezer appliances have become more and more energy efficient.  For example our new Liebherr BluPerformance freestanding range offers appliances with up to 5.5 star ratings, which makes them extremely energy efficient.

Nevertheless, you, the customer, can still make a difference and save even more energy by following our easy tips:

  • Allow hot food to cool to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • If you want to defrost frozen meals or ingredients for the next day, do so in your fridge. The defrosting food acts as a cold reservoir, emitting coldness into the refrigerator, which means that the appliance has to work less to maintain coldness, therefore saving electricity.
  • Store frequently used items at the front of the appliance so that you can access them quickly and you don’t have to reach too far!
  • If you have children who are regularly looking for snacks and drinks, store their favourite snacks at eye level, and this will help prevent energy being wasted as they rummage through the fridge looking for their treats.
  • Always unwrap paper items (such as ham purchased from a deli) as it is an insulator. Place it in a container, glad wrap or foil instead.
  • Put a lid on it – uncovered foods omit moisture making the compressor work harder. This will also help prevent frost from forming.
  • Put cold accumulator blocks or containers of water to freeze in the freezer when it is empty to help maintain temperature.
  • If largely empty, store water containers in fridge to remove some empty voids to assist maintaining cooler temperature.
  • Make sure your appliance is correctly ventilated.  Always ensure good ventilation. Do not cover ventilation openings or grille.
  • Dusty rear coils can make the fridge work harder (only selected models have exposed coils that may require annual dusting).
  • Always keep fan louvres clear.
  • The lower the temperature setting, the higher the power consumption.
  • The less empty space the better the fridge and freezer will operate. If 9/10 your fridge is half empty it could be time to buy a smaller fridge.
  • The physical location of your refrigerator or freezer also impacts its energy consumption. So, it’s important these appliances are never placed next to a heat source such an oven (due to the heat they generate during operation), a heater, or direct sunlight.  Ideally, position the appliance in a cool, shaded spot, but if it is not possible draw down the kitchen blinds when required to minimise direct sunlight.
  • Check to make sure over time, that door seals are not cracked or loose – this may make the appliance work harder if the doors are not sealing efficiently.

liebherr vario featuresLiebherr has an additional accessory to help you save energy too for two of the freezers in the range – SGNef 3036 and SGNes 3010.

After successfully harvesting a mountain of fresh, tasty vegetables, your freezer drawers will gradually empty again.

As an optional extra a Vario energy-saving panel can be purchased.

Simply slide one into position above the first unused drawer and all the drawers below it will no longer be cooled – saving you up to 50 percent more energy.

Hope you have enjoyed our tips.

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