So you’ve bought yourself a new wine cellar that boasts a capacity of 312… yet when it comes time to filling it with your collection you can’t work out how to stack them correctly, let alone how on earth they fit over 300 wine bottles in that space!

Liebherr’s WKt 6451 Single Zone Wine Cellar – 312 Bottle Capacity

Well when it comes to the bottle capacity of a Liebherr wine cellar, it is important to note that it is calculated by using 750ml Bordeaux bottles. By using the same shape bottle it allows us to give you the ‘best case scenario’ when it comes to wine storage in your new cellar. There is also a method we use when it comes to stacking the bottles, to get the most value out of the available space.

Using the existing shelving supplied with the wine cellar, bottles are stacked in the following way;

• Place bottles with the ‘neck’ facing toward you across the rear of each shelf until full

• Then place bottles with the ‘neck’ facing away from you across the front of the shelf, making sure the ‘neck’ fits in between the ‘necks’ of the bottles already on the shelf

• If space permits (between shelves), repeat this procedure by placing more bottles on top of the existing bottles to maximise the available space on each shelf

See below storage diagram for a Liebherr wine cellar with a 211 bottle capacity.

Of course we understand that you are not always going to have the same shape and size bottles. Bottles can come in all shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult when it comes to stacking. It will also reduce the amount of wine bottles you can store in your appliance, particularly for large champagne or magnum bottles!

Our best recommendation when it comes to storing wine bottles of varying size is to try and keep bottles of the same shape together, as this should allow you to stack them better and fit more into the cellar.

If you don’t like the idea of stacking bottles on top of each other because you have a large variation of wines and want easy access, you can always buy extra shelves (available for selected models only). By inserting extra shelves though, this will reduce your overall maximum bottle capacity – so keep that in mind when deciding what size wine cellar to buy. The size of your wine cellar will also be determined by what your overall goal is – are you collecting wine for long term storage or do you just like to have a bottle of wine ready for all occasions? There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a wine cellar – so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to help you select the right wine cellar to suit your lifestyle.