Liebherr Stainless Steel SmartSteel BlackSteel

Flicking through a Liebherr brochure you will come across the terminology Stainless Steel, SmartSteel and BlackSteel, but what do these terms mean? We give you the low down on the three steels of Liebherr appliances.

Liebherr’s Stainless Steel

All Liebherr stainless steel appliances, both refrigerators and wine cellars, are manufactured with stainless steel type 1.4016 (commonly known as 430). Appliances such as refrigerators are often manufactured using this type of steel due to the corrosion resistance and the fact that it’s easy to machine, producing a beautiful quality finish. See picture above.

Liebherr’s SmartSteel

SmartSteel is a special coating applied to the door surface of selected Liebherr stainless steel refrigerators, this finish is scratch resistant and reduces the visibility of smudges. Not only does this mean your appliance visually looks cleaner day to day compared to traditional stainless steel, but with the SmartSteel coating, when it does need a clean, it is a lot easier.

SmartSteel should only ever be gently cleaned with a microfiber cloth. For anything that requires a little more elbow grease, water with a small portion of dishwashing liquid should suffice. Stainless steel cleaner should never be used on appliances coated with SmartSteel as it can irreversibly destroy the superior coating.

Liebherr Stainless Steel SmartSteel BlackSteel

Liebherr’s BlackSteel

Liebherr’s BlackSteel presents a unique surface finish to a select range of Liebherr side by side refrigerators. This striking black colour and textured finish offers a modern twist on traditional stainless steel. BlackSteel refrigerators also feature a SmartSteel door finish which noticeably reduces fingerprints, is scratch resistant and easy to clean. An industrial aluminium bar door handle with integrated opening mechanism completes the look, allowing it to complement other stainless steel appliances.

Liebherr Stainless Steel SmartSteel BlackSteel

Want to know more?

If you haven’t had the chance to ‘steel’ a glance at Liebherr’s range of Stainless Steel, SmartSteel and BlackSteel appliances then visit one of our specialist dealers or view the complete range of Liebherr Stainless Steel, SmartSteel and BlackSteel appliances on our website.

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