liebherr beechwood shelves

Liebherr wine cellars play an important role and that is to maintain accurate temperature and humidity so your wine will reach optimum maturation (if storing long-term) or simply be at the perfect serving temperature when ready to be consumed. For a Liebherr wine cellar to perform like a traditional wine cellar, there are important elements the wine cellar needs to fuse together to create what we like to refer to as the ultimate wine storage solution. One such element is the type of shelving the Liebherr wine cellars include.

There is nothing accidental about the choice of natural handcrafted untreated beechwood shelves used in a Liebherr wine cellar. Liebherr did not forget to stain the wooden shelving, this is a choice.

Why are the Liebherr beechwood shelves left untreated?

The shelves play an important functional role in the air quality in a Liebherr wine cellar, which is key to the development and maturation of wine. Our natural handcrafted untreated beechwood shelves release no chemical aromas into the environment which can, in fact, influence the wines flavours.

Another functional reason Liebherr choose wooden shelves is to allow wine bottles to be gently caressed. Wooden shelves reduce vibrations that would otherwise impact the wine, which means sediments are not disturbed and the wine can develop in peace.

Liebherr beechwood shelves

There are also key design features which the wooden shelves present. Almost all Liebherr wine cellars are fitted with telescopic rails to allow easy viewing and access to the wine. The front of the wooden shelves can also host label holders, so you can write which variety resides where in your cellar – just another small design element to assist with the ease of use. Selected models even feature a wooden presentation shelf, where it can be folded down in part to allow inclined storage of open bottles or presentation of a sentimental, prized possession or unique wine bottle.

Putting all design and functionality aside, Liebherr’s natural untreated beechwood shelves simply look and present beautifully. They are just one piece of the puzzle, that once complete, produces the ultimate wine storage solution.

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