Liebherr BlackSteel

Quality, Design and Innovation is Liebherr’s motto and the exclusive range of BlackSteel refrigerators showcase Liebherr’s commitment to fulfil this aspiration.

Visually stunning and exceptionally appealing, the BlackSteel range feature a black stainless steel finish, paired with Liebherr’s high quality SmartSteel coating. Liebherr present a range with a hi-tech appeal, timeless elegance and an exceptional textural depth. The transverse-polished finish gives BlackSteel an exclusive appearance, ensuring it is a talking point in any home. Moreover, this finish significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints on the doors and side walls, is easy to clean, and is less sensitive to scratches.

The spotlight is on the BlackSteel design

With the unique BlackSteel range, design takes centre-stage, granting Liebherr an opportunity to demonstrate its creative vision and commitment to the ongoing development of new and innovative products. Liebherr sets innovative refrigeration trends: our appliances are classy, elegant and exclusive; they are stylish in form, and beautiful inside and out. And, our exquisite BlackSteel appliances are certainly no exception.

The BlackSteel range is much more than just great looking

Liebherr has created a modern interpretation of the classic stainless steel front. Appliances are characterised by their striking black colour and the unique surface finish. The cross-ground textured effect creates a fabulous visual impact and gives appliances a special feel. The patented Liebherr bar handle with integrated opening mechanism is designed in complementary aluminium. Both the design and the technology of the BlackSteel range have won multiple awards.

What was the idea behind BlackSteel?

Within the scope of Liebherr’s CoolVision design studies series, Liebherr regularly sets new refrigeration standards and showcases new innovative ideas. For example, every year at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, you can see how we experiment with design, light and new finishes to create inspirational ideas for future products, revealing just what is possible in these areas.

Liebherr BlackSteel

The exclusivity of BlackSteel makes these appliances stand out as truly sensational additions to any kitchen. Complemented by a generously proportioned yet stylish and elegant aluminium handle with integrated opening mechanism, the appliance doors are virtually effortless to open. The fascinating combination of the aluminium with the stainless steel somehow amplifies the unique nature of the BlackSteel; it is highly impressive and with it Liebherr reiterates that ‘Quality, Design and Innovation’ are an intrinsic trio in the development of its appliances.

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