Liebherr cleaning tips

At Liebherr we often receive calls from customers asking how to best clean their Liebherr Refrigerator or Liebherr Wine Cellar. Whilst the instruction manual offers some fantastic guidance when it comes to cleaning your appliance, we’ve put together a list of tried and tested insiders cleaning tips to minimise the chore factor, but maximise the results.

Make your Liebherr refrigerator shine 

– Always wipe spills and messes away as soon as they occur or are discovered.

– Regularly wipe down shelves and drawers to freshen the interior. Make your own natural cleaner to wipe out the interior with one part water, two part vinegar and a dash of lemon or lavender. Place in a spray bottle, mix well and you have your own natural cleaning agent which smells refreshing too.

– Spring clean your fridge as often as you feel necessary by taking out the drawers and shelves, washing in warm soapy water, rinsing and drying with a lint free towel.

– An open box of Bi-Carb Soda in the fridge can help keep smells at bay. It can also double as the cleaning agent mentioned above.

– Eucalyptus Oil is good for removing sticky spots from old spills or adhesive glue residue from transportation tape or energy labels. You should always use Eucalyptus Oil with care especially if using it around cookers, as it is flammable.

– A Liebherr stainless steel cleaner is available for purchase via our Spare Parts department. Using a micro fibre or cotton cloth with the stainless steel cleaner helps bring the shine back to surfaces. Always move with the grain and not around in circles.

How to nurture your Liebherr Wine Cellar

– Liebherr Wine Cellars are generally easy to keep clean inside due to the nature of the appliance largely storing unopened bottles of wine. In the event of a spill inside the cellar, ensure it is cleaned immediately as the wine may potentially stain the unsealed beech wood shelves.

– For external surfaces, clean with a warm soapy lint free cloth on occasion. Stainless steel can be brought back to life with the Liebherr stainless steel cleaner available for purchase via our Spare Parts department – again, use a lint free cloth and move with the grain (not against or in circles).

– Dust the external surfaces regularly and clean glass doors with window cleaner.

Always remember to use a soft lint free cloth when cleaning. Never use a scourer (abrasive cloth) when cleaning an appliance as you risk scratching and damaging the appliance surface.

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