Liebherr DuoCooling

You’ve probably heard the phrase two heads are better than one. If you haven’t, in a nut shell it means when two people come together to solve a problem, it’s usually better than working alone.

This is why all Liebherr fridge-freezers have DuoCooling – two completely independent cooling circuits systems. Why just have one, when you can have two, right? When it comes to refrigeration, Liebherr DuoCooling delivers clear benefits and results compared to traditional cooling methods.

What does Liebherr DuoCooling bring to the home?

1. No food odour exchange between the fridge and freezer.

2. Minimises food drying out in the fridge.

3. Prevents the freezing effect on fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. The fridge and freezer can be switched on or off independently from each other.

So, what makes it all possible? 

Most fridge-freezers only function using one cooling circuit. So, when the temperature in a traditional refrigerator starts to rise, frigid air is pushed through the air openings from the freezer into the fridge, to bring it back to the chosen temperature.

As a result, refrigerated food can dry out due to the bursts of frigid air and the humidity is reduced. Moisture is extracted from the food when the icy freezer air mingles with the cold fridge air. There is also a chance that refrigerator food may freeze when large volumes of frigid freezer air is injected, particularly after the fridge door has been opened many times in a short period, such as loading after shopping.

These little air channels also allow food odours to transfer between the fridge and freezer. That’s why when you open the freezer door, you can smell the seafood you placed in your fridge an hour ago permeating through your freezer space.

Liebherr DuoCooling

In comparison, owning a Liebherr fridge-freezer means that none of the above will happen! The reason for this is because there are no openings that connect the fridge and freezer compartments. The two compartments are completely independent of each other.

Which also means that the fridge and freezer can be used in different modes (one on and one off if needed), one does not influence the other.

For a demonstration on how Liebherr DuoCooling works, visit a Liebherr dealer or phone our knowledgeable team on 1800 685 899 for a chat.

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