Liebherr on a grand scale

Have you ever watched the series Grand Designs Australia? Each episode follows the journey of a custom designed home in Australia from planning through to the big reveal where the home owner’s aspirational ideas become a reality. A few episodes in, you’ll have noticed nothing is done by halves. Everything is on a grand scale. Features, functions and fashion are often opulent if not unique. It’s all about the design even if the end results are different – to be the most eco-friendly, to suit the homes location (beach or city scape), to pay homage to the homes original elements or simply to be the grandest on the street.

What makes Liebherr Integrated Refrigeration Grand?

It’s not surprising that Liebherr refrigeration feature in a number of Grand Designs episodes. Liebherr appliances are quite grand, so it’s only fitting. In particular, the Liebherr integrated range of refrigeration is the appliance of choice for many Grand Designs homes. Why you ask? Well apart from the obvious such as quality and Liebherr’s features like BioFresh, SuperCool and SuperFrost, it is because the integrated range is so flexible and uses matching kitchen cabinetry so it can literally suit any home. Whether the design concept is a nod to a past era or a leap into the future, a Liebherr integrated fridge is the answer.

Liebherr on a grand scale

Why stop at one refrigerator when you can personalise with your own combination

Liebherr integrated fridges can be installed on a grand scale to complement any design. Customise your side by side fridges and freezers by installing two, three or four integrated units side by side with the luxury of six models to choose from (SICBN 3366, SICBN 3356, SICN 3366, SICN 3356, SIKB 3550 or SIGN 3576). Liebherr also offer the extravagant integrated bottom mounts (ECBN 5066 and ECBN 6156) which can be installed in a combination of two or more, creating a spacious 1.5 metre (minimum) of fridge space (with two). As an optional extra, stainless steel door panels and handles can be purchased for the Liebherr ECBN 5066 and ECBN 6156 bottom mount refrigerators to obtain the ever popular stainless steel look while achieving seamless integration.

Whatever your design, whether on a grand or small scale, Liebherr integrated refrigeration should be considered. With the flexibility to choose more or less fridge and freezer space based on your personal needs and shopping preferences, you can select the combinations to suit. Make your fridge work for you, not the other way around.

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