When it comes to preservation, keeping your food and wine secure, Liebherr have got it covered.  Refrigeration and wine cellars have up to three different warning signals for safety.  So you can rest assured you will be alerted before any external factors impact your goods.

Liebherr wine cellars with key lock for safe preservation of wine

Up To Three Warning Signals / Alarms For Safe Preservation


Door open warning signal

If the door is inadvertently left ajar or open for too long from indecision or perhaps loading with new groceries, a visual and audible warning signal will commence.

Liebherr door alarm if left ajar for preservation of contents within

Malfunction warning signal

In the unlikely event the appliance malfunctions, selected models feature a malfunction warning signal indicating a fault number which can assist with the service process.

Temperature alarm

Should the temperature in the appliance vary from the selected degrees, an alarm will sound allowing for prompt investigation.

Extra Safety Features

Key lock entry

Many things in life are protected by key lock entry, so it is wise that investments such as wine be given the same courtesy. Liebherr wine cellars feature key lock entry to keep your wine safe from unwanted intrusions or the inquisitive nature of little children.

Child lock controls

Liebherr MagicEye control panels feature a child lock on the controls. When the child lock function is switched on the temperature cannot be modified, ensuring that your food and/or drinks are safe guarded from unwanted temperature variations.  Preservation of the contents is they key!

SoftSystem door close

Integrated on the door, the SoftSystem automatically closes the door from an opening angle of about 30°C whilst also cushioning the movement when the door is closed, even if the door is fully loaded.

Liebherr SoftSystem closes gently and automatically at 30 degrees to assist in food preservation

As always features do vary depending on the Liebherr refrigerator or wine cellar. For a full list of product specifications and to learn more about an appliance please visit the website or contact 1800 685 899 for more assistance.