Liebherr CBNes 5167 refrigerator

When it comes to refrigerators, Liebherr’s CBNes 5167 Bottom Mount Refrigerator is ahead of the rest. Not because of its impressive height, standing at just over two metres, or because it is able to ‘speak’ multiple languages (displaying them on the screen). The CBNes 5167 also has Liebherr’s unique BioFresh Plus (-2°C, 0°C & 6°C) and BioFresh (0°C) drawers which keeps foods fresher for up to three times longer than a traditional refrigerator, but still this is not the reason. The SuperCool and SuperFrost functions also rapidly cool the fridge and freezer to assist in the preservation of foods, perfect when loading the fridge after a big grocery shop, yet that is still not the reason.

Liebherr CBNes 5167 refrigerator

Why our Liebherr Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This stainless steel work of art has all of these features plus more, including an extremely user friendly Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) conveniently located on the front of the appliance (you don’t even have to open the door to use it) which makes it standout from its competitors. The LCD menu assistance makes this a pretty smart fridge and a pleasure to operate with features accessible at the touch of a button.

How does the Liebherr CBNes 5167 impress

BioFreshPlus & BioFresh drawers: Set the temperature of the drawers depending on the food types.

Temperature: Both the fridge and freezer temperatures are managed independently via the menu.

Configuration: Set the display brightness and contrast. Holiday Mode: For lengthy periods of absence switch your appliance into vacation mode, after removing the food. The constant temperature helps avoid the build-up of odour which can often occur, even if the door remains closed.

Storage Times: The A-Z menu displays information on the recommended storage times for food – even offering the different storage times depending on where the food is located in the appliance (Fridge vs BioFresh vs Freezer).

SuperCool & SuperFrost: Reduce the temperature of the fridge and freezer to +2°C and -32°C respectively to assist cooling and freezing of new foods more rapidly, prolonging food preservation.

IceMaker: Switch the internal IceMaker on and off via the menu options. The size of the ice cubes can also be changed by adjusting the water intake time.

Language: Choose your preferred language from the available options.

Alarms: Visual and audible alarms occur when excessive temperatures are reached, malfunctions occur, the door is inadvertently left open or there is a fault.

On / Off: Easily switch your fridge or freezer on or off with the push of a button.

Child Proof: Lock the menu so settings cannot be accidentally changed.

Liebherr CBNes 5167

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