Liebherr Smoothies AppSo, you have filled your Liebherr BioFresh fridge full of goodness with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables – now you are feeling a little parched. Lucky for you, Liebherr developed an app called Liebherr Smoothies & Ice, which features refreshing smoothies for you to prepare in the comfort of your own home.

With sixteen mouth-watering smoothie recipes to choose from, you are sure to find a flavour to satisfy your cravings using a selection of the fruit and vegetables nestled in the BioFresh compartment at the optimum longer life storage temperature (just above 0°C).

Along with a list of ingredients and preparation instructions for each smoothie, Liebherr’s Smoothies & Ice app also provides contents (protein, carbohydrate and fat) and nutritional value (portion size, kcal & kJ). Perfect for health-conscious smoothie lovers that may be counting their calories or opting for the healthier choice.

For a little bit of fun, Liebherr’s Smoothies & Ice app also has an on-screen Ice Crusher dispenser. When you push the dispenser tongue, ice cubes fall down the screen. Want crushed ice? Just simply shake your phone gently and voila – you get crushed ice.

Want to learn a little more about how the Liebherr IceMaker produces and dispenses the ice (both plumbed and water tank models)? The app also provides information about how Liebherr have perfected the art of ice cube making.

Search for the Liebherr Smoothies & Ice app in your app store today. Not only will you have a little fun with the Ice Crusher feature but you will have a Smoothies recipe book in the palm of your hands.

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