Liebherr SoftSystemIn this fast-paced world, we seem to always be in a hurry, we move at the speed of light trying to complete our ‘to do’ list for the day. There never seems to be enough hours in the day which can mean doors are accidently slammed closed in a hurry when we apply a little too much force.

So, there is nothing worse than hearing a loud bang from a slamming door, even more so when it is your fridge or freezer door and you can hear the contents rattling in the aftermath. You just have to hope nothing has broken or spilt.

Liebherr SoftSystem Technology Soften the Impact

If you own a Liebherr refrigerator chances are you don’t know the feeling I am referring to. Why? Because many models in the Liebherr refrigerator range feature a SoftSystem cushion door closing feature. The soft stop mechanism is integrated on the door, cushioning the movement when the door is closed. So, if you are a little over zealous with your door closing technique, the SoftSystem ensures that even if the inner door is fully loaded, it will still close very gently. This simple yet effective technology helps to protect the contents of your inner door and means no more rattling of jars and bottles when the door is closed. More importantly, most of us store eggs in the upper compartments of the inner door, so we can relax knowing that they won’t unintentionally turn into scrambled eggs.

Liebherr SoftSystem

How does the Liebherr SoftSystem Technology Self-close Your Refrigerator Door

At the opposite end of the scale sometimes we just don’t put enough energy into our door closing technique, turning and walking away leaving the door slightly ajar with the cool air escaping and the possibility of food spoiling. With Liebherr refrigerators, the SoftSystem technology means the door will self-close at an angle of 30° or less. What if the door is at an angle of 31° or more you ask? Well that’s simple, Liebherr’s audible and visible alarm will let you know the door is open. So, your refrigerator door won’t be left open for too long.

Liebherr’s Drawers on Telescopic Rails Protect Your Fresh Produce

Liebherr didn’t stop there, they also thought about the fruit and vegetables that get tossed around in the crisper drawers, causing bruising and damage, when the drawers are opened and pushed closed. Many of the BioFresh and crisper drawers are located on telescopic rails and feature a convenient gentle-closing mechanism to ensure the contents do not bear the brunt of a forceful close. The soft close technology also prevents wear and tear to the drawers.

Liebherr SoftSystem

For those who are yet to experience the wonder of a Liebherr appliance visit our website to discover the models which feature SoftSystem door close and SoftTelescopic rails (listed under each product specification table).

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