liebherr vario technology

The definition of ‘vario’ means variety; a difference; a variation. This is the reason why the German-engineered Liebherr refrigerators’ storage features are named VarioBoxes, VarioSpace and VarioSafe, each offering their own unique storage solution for various accessories in the refrigerator and freezer.

Personalising your refrigerator with Liebherr’s Vario features


Located on the refrigerator door, Liebherr’s VarioBoxes are best suited to condiments or items that are not susceptible to temperature change with regular door opening and closing. The VarioBox is a removable box with a transparent lid which is easily transferred from fridge to table – convenient when offering condiments to complement your meal.


Located above each transparent freezer drawer, in most Liebherr freezers, is an intervening safety glass shelf. Both the drawers and/or the glass shelves are removable creating VarioSpace, the practical solution for extra space, especially for items that require just that little extra space in the height department, such as tall cakes.

liebherr vario features


Selected models in the integrated range of Liebherr refrigerators feature VarioSafe. This drawer is tailored for small items such as tubes, jars, medication or make up. VarioSafe can be placed in multiple positions within the refrigerator and can be purchased as an optional extra – perfect for those who have lots of small objects to keep conveniently central.

liebherr vario features

Liebherr understand and factor in the importance in tailoring your refrigerator to your family’s needs and the Vario storage features showcase this attention to detail perfectly.

The Vario features are available in selected models in the Liebherr range of both freestanding and integrated refrigeration. Appliances that include VarioBoxes, VarioSpace, and VarioSafes will be noted under the Product Specifications on each product page.

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