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As a wine connoisseur, you may invest a lot of time and money into selecting high quality wines to drink or for long-term cellaring. It only makes sense you seek the optimal storage solution in a wine cellar to ensure wine doesn’t spoil and continues to mature its aroma and flavours.

To keep wine good, three essential factors should be considered: the correct temperature, optimum air quality and protection from UV light. To preserve fine wines, it’s not enough to place bottles in the back of a pantry, this simply isn’t the right conditions. Storing wine in too warm a temperature isn’t good for its quality. When the temperature of the wine is too high, the kinetic energy of its molecules increase and the maturing process is accelerated.

As a general rule, a temperature of between 10°C and 12°C is recommended for long-term storage. If a traditional cellar location is not an option, then a freestanding or integrated wine cellar is the best alternative. By maintaining an even, constant temperature and an optimised climate, wine cellars offer the very best conditions for storing your wine collection. Wine cellars allow wines to develop and reach their full potential in terms of taste. Essentially, when wine is stored correctly, the longer its ‘life cycle’ is towards maturation.

The benefits of storing wine correctly

When properly stored, bottled red wines continue to develop their natural aroma and flavour, with wine becoming deeper and more complex as the ageing process progresses. Successful long-term storage of wine requires two things: a wine of good quality, and consistent optimal storage conditions. Liebherr’s wine cellars create conditions similar to those of a traditional wine cellar; a constant and consistent temperature throughout the entire interior, making for the perfect environment.

The importance of storing your wine correctly

A wine’s aroma and flavours unfold when it is served at the correct drinking temperature. This temperature varies according to the type of wine, the time of year, and whether it’s being served as an accompaniment to food. The basic rule to follow is that a red wine should be served slightly warmer than a white wine. The aroma and flavour of sparkling wine and champagne emerge at their most distinct when they are well chilled. A Liebherr triple zone (or dual zone) wine cellar will allow you to have the best of all worlds, serving your wine at the ideal temperature.

When you know its time to invest in a wine cellar

How a Liebherr wine cellar helps you store your wine correctly?

The ideal storage temperature for all wines lies between 10 °C and 12°C, and it is important that the storage temperature is kept constant. Liebherr maintains consistent temperatures – by using precise electronic control systems with a selection of 5 °C to 20°C, in conjunction with the very latest climate control technology.

The Liebherr range includes the single zone, dual zone (two independent zones) and triple zone (three independent zones) wine cellars to suit your personal needs. Additional factors to consider:

Optimum air quality and ideal humidity

The quality of the air is decisive for preserving wine. All Liebherr wine cellars have an activated charcoal filter, providing optimum air quality. This filter prevents transmission of odours into the wine cellar’s interior, odours which could alter the taste of your wine. This is why our beechwood handcrafted shelves are left untreated to ensure no unwanted varnishing odours spoil the wine.

Vibration protection for optimum storage

Specially developed to German standards, extremely low-vibration compressors ensure that wine in Liebherr wine cellars is stored gently and protected from vibrations. Mounted on ‘isolation blocks’ designed to absorb vibration, Liebherr are serious about avoiding fine components of the sediment being disturbed. “Simply leave them in Peace.”

Protection from UV light:

Invisible UV rays cause damaging chemical reactions in wines – visually, red wines fade and white wines take on a golden yellow colour. In order to prevent this deterioration, wine is bottled in coloured glass which absorbs a large proportion of the troublesome UV rays. Liebherr’s wine cellars feature insulated glass doors with special UV protection. The double-glazed glass, with an inner tinted glass pane, means most of the damaging UV radiation is reflected away. The damaging impact UV light can cause on a bottle’s label (which devalues the wine) is also reduced.

In addition, the LED lighting in the interior provides the perfect illumination without any UV exposure, and so wines are presented under illumination without warming.

At Liebherr we are committed to develop innovative technologies which deliver premium storage conditions for your precious fine wines.

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