Since the 1980s, Liebherr have been producing premium wine cellars.  And no, we don’t mean wine fridges.  Liebherr wine cellars are not just glorified fridges.  These appliances are specifically designed to create the perfect environment and store wine bottles with five principal points; Constant Temperature, Ideal Humidity, Perfect Air Quality, Vibration Free and UV Protection.

Introducing Barrique by Liebherr

With more than a quarter of a century manufacturing experience in wine cellars, Liebherr introduced a new range of wine cellars in 2008.  Barrique by Liebherr.  And whilst the Barrique range may not include all the bells and whistles of a traditional Liebherr wine cellar, the five principal points pertinent to wine storage and proper maturation remain.

So why release a new range labelled Barrique?  To ensure that investing in wine storage was affordable to all wine aficionados.  Wine should always be stored appropriately whether it is for consuming in the short term or stored long term to optimise maturation.

Barrique WKb 4612 Wine Storage

Liebherr’s Barrique WKb 4612 single zone wine cellar is a great choice for wine storage.  It can store a generous 195 Bordeaux bottles (750ml), on handcrafted beech wood shelves, so you will never be short on space.  With an interior vertical light, it is easy to locate your desired wine.  Label holders also assist with locating a drop, as you can write which varieties reside where.  And a key lock keeps your precious investments from unwanted entry.  Plus, the temperature can be set between 5 to 20°C.

Liebherr's Barrique WKb 4612 Single Zone Wine Cellar

A few optional extras

Want a few extra features with the Barrique wine cellar?  As optional extras you can purchase:

  • A pull-out shelf to store upright wine
  • A Telescopic shelf (that can be retrofit after purchase)
  • Or an additional beech wood shelf (if you like to spread bottles out)

Can you store multiple varieties in a single zone wine cellar?

Now you might be asking yourself can I store multiple wine varieties in a single zone wine cellar?  For example; red, white and sparkling.  And the answer is yes.  Whilst dependent on the temperature you set, not all varieties will be at optimum drinking temperature.  The key to long term storage is maintaining a constant temperature and humidity.  So, wines will still mature, no matter the variety.

Need to know more?  Visit our website or contact the Liebherr sales team on 1800 685 899.