Liebherr’s underbench built-in single zone wine cellar UWKes 1752 is the perfect solution when it comes to housing wine.  Compact enough to build under the kitchen counter so as not to intrude into other prime footage, yet still large enough to house up to 46 wine bottles (based on 750ml Bordeaux).  Therefore making it a great size for having your favourite wine variety ready at optimal drinking temperature or long term storage of multiple varieties.

Liebherr UWKes 1752 underbench built-in single zone wine cellar

It is particularly important for long term storage that wine is stowed in an optimal environment.  Why is it so important?  Well quite frankly if wine is not stored correctly over a long period of time, you might as well just pop the cork now and pour it down the drain, because it is not going to be consumable if it is not stored precisely.

Wine Storage – Five Principal Points

When it comes to Liebherr’s UWKes 1752 wine storage there are five principal points; Constant Temperature, Ideal Humidity, Perfect Air Quality, Vibration Free and UV Protection.  For wine to mature correctly all principal points work harmoniously to create a precise and optimal environment for long term lodging.

Constant Temperature

Liebherr UWKes 1752 maintains a precise temperature between 5°C to 20°C. Other features that assist with constant temperature include an electronic thermostat, heater and fan.

Ideal Humidity

Between 50 and 80% humidity depending on ambient humidity, guaranteeing ideal conditions for the suppleness of the cork and the prevention of oxidization.

Perfect Air Quality

An activated charcoal filter and natural untreated hand-crafted beech wood shelves ensure perfect air quality and reduce the instance of mould growth on corks and labels.

Vibration Free

The compressor is engineered to Liebherr’s precise German standards and mounted on “isolation blocks” designed to absorb vibrations to prevent disturbing the wine.

UV Protection

Finished with a tinted, double glazed glass door Liebherr’s UWKes 1752 which prevents harmful ultraviolet rays causing unwanted reactions in your wine and discolouration of your labels.

Key Features

Liebherr UWKes 1752 underbench built-in single zone wine cellar

Other key features of Liebherr’s UWKes 1752 underbench single zone wine cellar include;

Child Proof Lock

Designed to protect the appliance from being switched off accidentally

Door & Temperature Alarm

If the door is inadvertently left open or if there is a slight change in temperature within the wine cellar, a warning alarm will sound to safe guard wines.

Key Lock

Can only be opened with a Liebherr key deterring unwanted entry.


Use the supplied card labels and label holder so you can easily locate your selected wine.

LED Lighting

Allows you to easily view the wines within.

Telescopic Rails

Makes wine easily accessible for viewing and selection.

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