The Perfect Companion for your Wine

Liebherr refrigerated wine cellars are the perfect companion for your wine.  Showcased in the right light, kept in the perfect air humidity and maintained at a precise temperature, these ideal conditions create the ultimate environment allowing your wines to mature and be enjoyed (whether sooner or later!).

Detail and quality craftsmanship are captured in the range of Liebherr wine cellars which combines stylish design intended to impress, cementing your status as the perfect entertainer.  Liebherr’s underbench built-in dual zone wine cellar UWTes 1672 is no exception.

Liebherr UWTes 1672 dual zone built in underbench wine cellar

Liebherr’s UWTes 1672 dual zone built-in underbench wine cellar

Representing an innovative solution for wine storage, Liebherr’s UWTes 1672 offers controls located within an insulation layer between the zones, making it possible to set two independent temperatures between 5°C and 20°C.  Red and white wines can be stored at their optimum drinking temperature in different zones.  Or multiple varieties can be housed for long term storage at a precise and constant temperature – which is paramount to maturing wines correctly.

With the ability to store up to 34 bottles (750ml Bordeaux), one zone is slightly larger allowing you to store more of your preferred variety ready for consumption.  Maybe you’d prefer to house multiple varieties longer term in the large zone, whilst using the smaller compartment for regular entertainment.  The freedom to choose is yours!

Liebherr's UWTes 1672 dual zone built-in underbench wine cellar

Perfect air quality is achieved using an activated charcoal filter and natural hand-crafted untreated beech wood shelves.  These pure materials neutralise air quality reducing mould on corks and labels.  All assuring attributes each time you pop the cork.  The tinted, double glazed door prevents harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause unwanted wine reactions and label discolouration.  Keeping your bottles not only tasting great but looking great too.

Liebherr’s UWTes 1672 wine cellar also features a compressor, engineered to precise German standards and mounted on ‘isolation blocks’.  This is designed to absorb vibrations, minimising bottle movement and preventing the fine components of any sediment being disturbed.

Complement your wine choice

Having a Liebherr wine cellar in your home is the perfect complement to whatever your wine choice. Now you can share in the secret to perfect wine anytime, with a wine cellar that celebrate life’s little indulgences.  We know you enjoy your lifestyle, so why not consider Liebherr and gain a greater appreciation of the wine you enjoy.

For a limited time only receive a $400 Wine Selectors gift card (via redemption) with purchase of Liebherr’s UWTes 1672 underbench built-in dual zone wine cellar.  Full T&Cs apply.