Monolith offers new dimensions in food storage.  Refrigeration built for the future but available now.  Thanks of course, to Liebherr’s research and development team. Continually striving to exceed customer expectations.  With whisper quiet operation, advanced technology, and sleek customisable design it is both a want and a need! 


Quality, design and innovation have been at the forefront for Liebherr refrigeration for over 60 years.  Continuing to challenge the status quo Liebherr introduced the Monolith range.   Towering impressively at over 2 metres high, the ground-breaking new range is a literal tower of achievement in cooling technology. Monolith features superior energy efficiency, new food-saving advancements and a sleek design to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen.

Cool at every level

Liebherr greatly values user-friendliness and efficiency for all its products.  And that is why the Monolith is equipped with the high-performance PowerCooling system.  In addition to the SuperCool and SuperFrost technologies that refrigerate or freeze food quickly, the innovative design of the Monolith PowerCooling system allows cold air to circulate efficiently throughout the interior.  As a result, goods stored in the door remain as cool as all other food and drink.  The integrated FreshAir activated charcoal filter prevents odours from forming and cleans the incoming air.  Everything smells as fresh and appetising as it looks.

Year after year, thousands of tons of food is wasted.  This is due to freezer burn, temperature fluctuations and other storage problems.  The Monolith’s FrostSafe system however, has fully enclosed freezer drawers that protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange and the loss of cold air when the door is opened.  In addition, the FrostSafe drawers are transparent and equipped with telescopic rails for perfect visibility.

Whisper Quiet

Monolith is no different to any other Liebherr refrigerator.  It is put through rigorous assessments including testing noise levels in a professional sound chamber, to ensure decibels are kept to a minimum.  This has resulted in an appliance that is virtually silent and speed-controlled with sound-absorbing compressors. Alongside a low noise cooling circuit, these features ensure exact performance, energy efficiency, and extremely quiet operation.

Customisation options are endless

From a matt polish stainless-steel exterior or panel ready to match the kitchen décor, Monolith appliances are customisable and flexible.   With two freezers and two fridges available ranging in width from 122cm to 152cm, up to four different fridge and freezer side by side combinations can be created.  Or eight if you include reversing the hinges!.  But the flexibility doesn’t just stop there.  Fridges or Freezers can be paired together if you are looking for more space when it comes to specific food storage.  A wide range of optional accessories are also available.  These include side by side kits and toe kicks. A choice of handles is also available; Flat brushed aluminium, round stainless steel or square brushed aluminium.

Highlights of the Monolith

Opening the Monolith doors reveals a grand and spacious interior. It is quite simply breathtaking.  Presented with a stainless steel interior and glass shelving framed in stainless steel, Monolith exudes quality. Highlights include; the InfinityLight LED, BioFresh, InfinitySpring water dispenser and internal IceMaker.

Infinity LED System

Monolith’s controllable InfinityLight LED system casts beautiful and even side lighting that can be fine-tuned according to personal taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors and a night dimming feature.

Monolith LED Lighting
BioFresh  and BioFreshPlus Technology

Monolioth’s superior energy efficiency and intelligent features such as BioFresh technology takes Liebherr’s advanced food preservation to a new level. Monolith BioFresh-Plus drawers add another dimension of climate control to the BioFresh system by allowing you to set the temperature inside the third drawer to as low as -2°c. That’s the perfect temperature for preserving the freshness and flavours of fish and seafood, or for cooling down beverages.

Monolith BioFreshPlus with FlexSystem
InfinitySpring Water Dispenser

With the easy access InfinitySpring located inside the Monolith refrigerator, the seamless, flush mounted water dispenser is always there when it is needed.  But it is almost invisible when it is not!

Monolith Infinity Spring Water Dispenser
Internal Automatic IceMaker

Monolith’s automatic internal IceMaker is a real crowd pleaser.  It creates 1.6kg of filtered ice in 24 hours!  If the SuperFrost function is activated, production capacity is even higher.  With a fixed water connection and a storage volume of 1.8kg, ice is always on hand for entertaining.

Monolith Internal IceMaker

Need to know about the Monolith range?  Visit our Monolith microsite for more information.