When it comes to wine, many of us do not consider the environment we are storing it in. We just pop it in the fridge or on a wine rack and hope for the best.  But outside elements can greatly affect the aging process which in turn can ruin the liquid drop.  Elements such as odours, fluctuating temperatures and even other household appliances.  Take the common household fridge for example which omits warm air as it maintains a cooler temperature inside the appliance.

So, when our wine meets these other interferences, it can completely ruin the taste. Which is very disappointing.  Particularly when it comes to that perfect bottle we have been storing long term for that special occasion.

But never fear. There are ways to combat these treacherous elements that lurk around our precious wine.  And the answer is simple.  A Liebherr wine cellar.  For both short-term and long-term storage.  Impervious to the outside world, a Liebherr wine cellar creates the perfect climate and environment for wines to mature in peace.

Liebherr’s multi zone wine cellar

Take Liebherr’s WTb 4212 multi zone wine cellar as a prime example of pure Liebherr genius. Whilst the wine cellar itself only has one cavity, it is a multi zone wine cellar which means you can store wines at their optimum serving temperature even in the one cavity.

How can that be possible you ask? Your chosen wine variety will determine how you set the temperatures.  Choose your preferred lowest temperature for the lower compartment (5°C is the minimum) along with the highest preferred temperature for the upper compartment (18°C is the maximum).  The temperature then rises steadily up through the six temperature zones to the top of the appliance.
Liebherr Multi Zone Wtb 4212

What other features does the WTb 4212 multi zone wine cellar offer?

  • 200 x 750ml Bordeaux bottle capacity – ample storage for a wine connoisseur.
    200 bottle capacity WTb 4212 Liebherr wine cellar
  • Activated charcoal filter – for constant fresh air.
  • UV tinted glass door – to prevent harmful UV rays causing unwanted reactions in the wine and discolouration to labels.
  • Door & temperature alarm – if the door is inadvertently left ajar or a slight change in temperature within the wine cellar an alarm will sound.
  • Hand crafted beech wood shelves that hold up to a staggering 25kg per shelf – so your wine is secure.
  • Lava stones – to maintain humidity between 50% to 80% vital for the maturation process.
  • Interior lighting – to easily view wines within.
  • Label holders – for identification of your wine varieties at a glance.
  • Optional key lock – if you want extra security.

Not to mention the compressor that is mounted on an isolation block to minimise vibrations, so sediment is left alone and not encouraged to take a swim throughout the bottle.

Want to know more about Liebherr’s WTb 4212 multi zone wine cellar? Contact us on 1800 685 899.