The start of the New Year is a great time to make some positive changes in your life. So, this new year we think it’s the perfect time for a fridge cleanse. Many people don’t realize but each time we head to the fridge what we find impacts our eating choices. For example, if our fridge is filled with fatty foods and they’re sitting front and centre then the chances are that we’ll reach for these types of foods.

Restock and choose healthy

Take stock of what’s in your fridge and cull the food that you do not want to indulge in this New Year. Fill it instead with healthy, colourful fresh fruits and vegetables. With Liebherr, you know that you can buy this produce in bulk and store for weeks so there shouldn’t be any waste. When your fruits and veggies are starting to look less appealing but still ok to eat you can blend them into smoothies, dice them into soups or bakes.


Reorganise and dispose

Before you stock up on the fruit and veggies make sure you give your refrigerator a thorough clear out. Discard anything with an expired use by date; you’ll be surprised with the amount of sauces and condiments that have actually expired but are still sitting in your fridge. In this way you can from a nasty potential dose of food poisoning and reevaluate what condiments you want to have on hand for your New Year recipes.

Cleanup and deodorize

Wipe down the entire fridge –a soft cloth and a little soapy water will do the trick. If your fridge has a little smell from all the Christmas leftovers then use some vanilla essence as a safe and natural odour neautraliser.

Plan and schedule

Before you shop, work out a meal plan for the week and write down the items you will need. If you have all the produce for the meals ahead of time it will mean that you are less likely to order takeout or head out to dinner. Insure to freeze any meats you buy that you are not planning to cook in the coming few days and ensure your leafy greens, especially, are stored in the BioFresh compartment of you Liebherr Fridge.


Once you have an array of delicious healthy food at your fingertips you will find it easier to live a healthy lifestyle in the New Year.

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