In the midst of party planning for a group of wine loving companions? Here at Liebherr, we love our wine and we also love to entertain, so we have combined the two to introduce you to your new favourite party game- Blind Wine Tasting!

Easily the most engaging and entertaining way to find your parties taste and introduce them to a potential new favourite, blind wine tasting is easy to put together and even easier to play. Follow these simple steps to make your next party a hit.


  1. Decide which wines you are going to pick for the sampling, you can choose a range of all white, a range of all reds, a mixture of both or a full tasting range blending reds, whites, sparkling and dessert.
  1. Craft as many blinding bags as you will need and paint numbers on them.
  1. Create a score card sheet for each of your guests, a grid with the range of wine bottle numbers on top and the criteria by which they will rate the wines will run downwards on the right hand side. We suggest using aroma, colour, body and taste as criteria.
  1. Jot down a short description of each of the wines that is taken from the bottle. Provide enough information to inform your guests about the wine they are about to try, without letting them know key details like whether it is a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay. Include details such as the region and what food it can be paired with.

On the night:

  1. Ensure all of the bottles are covered with the bags before guest arrived and are set up at their relevant stations (if you are doing a table of reds and a table of white) or in order at the key station.
  1. Pass out the score cards to your guests and introduce the game.

The Game:

  1. Before guests sample the wine in their glass, read out the brief description you prepared earlier.
  1. Have guests score each wine in the designated categories and write down a brief description on their score if they so choose.
  1. After all wines have been sampled; guests can tally up their points to determine which of the wines was their favourite.
  1. Reveal which wine was hidden in which bag and allow the guests to snap a picture of or jot down the name of the wine or wines that they enjoyed the most.

The key to throwing a great party is to ensure there is activity focus around a shared passion of everyone in the group. Let us know how the Blind Wine Tasting Games goes for you in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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