The perfect storage climate for fresh food just got even better for Liebherr’s fully integrated SIKB 3550, SICBN 3366 & SICBN 3356 appliances.

Liebherr’s research and development team continually strive to design appliances that offer the most benefits and functionality to the user.  So, when they developed a way to further improve Liebherr’s unique BioFresh technology, they brought it to life!

For fully integrated 60cm wide models SIKB 3550, SICBN 3366 and SICBN 3356 the following upgrades were made to BioFresh drawers:

  • New tight-fitting lid.  This helps to maintain the temperature when the fridge door is open.
  • New humidity controls.  Controls can be completely shut to completely open (and everything in between!).
  • HydroSafe drawer can now be used as a DrySafe drawer with the option of low humidity.
Perfect storage climate - BioFresh HydroSafe


What benefits result from the BioFresh drawer upgrades?

When compared to the predecessor BioFresh drawers in the 60cm wide fully integrated range the benefits include:

  • Non packaged fruit keeps fresh for up to 25% longer
  • Non packaged vegetables keep fresh for up to 50% longer
Perfect storage climate - BioFresh DrySafe

With such a significant increase in fresh food lifespan it could also mean fewer visits to the grocery store.  Saving you both time and energy!

Want to know more features in the fully integrated 60cm range – visit the website to view the SIKB 3550, SICBN 3366 and SICBN 3356 appliances.