How to keep your refrigerator clean

Is your refrigerator starting to smell funky, and you can’t quite conquer the smell despite all your attempts at cleaning the appliance? Here are some handy tips to help.

Spills can be the main cause of smells coming from your refrigerator, however there can be many other reasons. At times, the cause lies with foods forgotten at the back of a shelf or it might be due to the refrigerator being switched off, with closed doors for a period of time without cleaning beforehand.

What causes odours in your refrigerator

Odour is bacteria. If the interior of your refrigerator has an unattractive odour, it is a sign that food has gone bad, something has spilled or it’s time for your refrigerator to have a spring clean.

Ways to clean your refrigerator

Keep your refrigerator clean and smelling fresh with natural items you already have in your pantry.

  • Remove content from fridge to ensure a thorough clean is achieved.
  • Wipe over the surface area with vinegar diluted in water (three parts hot water, one-part vinegar), or squeeze the juice of a lemon directly onto a sponge and wipe away.
  • Using the same solution, wipe the containers, jars, bottles etc. especially around the lid or seal.
  • Make sure you also wipe down the shelves too.
  • Go over the interior of the fridge with a dry cloth after cleaning.
  • Ensure your food is sealed tightly in containers so they remain safe from bacteria, as well as strong odours are not escaping the container.
  • Do not thaw food directly onto the shelves. Put items onto a plate or bowl, this way you do not leave a puddle of water.
  • To keep your fridge smelling fresh, you can deodorize by filling a shot-glass of baking soda or try soaking a cotton ball in vanilla extract (placed out of the way). For coffee lovers, fill the shot-glass with roasted coffee beans, its sure to absorb strong and lingering odours.
  • If you need to turn the refrigerator off for a long period, leave the fridge door(s) open.

It is recommended to wipe down your fridge with a wet and dry cloth each week, plus a more heavy-duty clean at least every two months. When it comes to the health of your family, it shouldn’t be a chore.

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