Sabbath mode is available in a select range of Liebherr refrigeration including both freestanding and fully integrated styles. By switching the appliance into this mode, it allows Shabbat observant Jews on the Shabbat and Jewish holidays to use their Liebherr refrigerator.

5.5 star energy rated refrigerator Liebherr CNef 4315 Australia's first - featuring Sabbath mode

What happens when you switch on Sabbath mode?

When switching the appliance into this mode some functions of the electronic controls will be turned off.

In brief the following will occur once the mode has been switched on:

• The menu display will not show any values (except S which denotes Sabbath mode)

• All lights are switched off.  This includes the display menu and interior lighting where applicable

• Alarm signals will not sound

• Fans will operate as per operation prior to the commencement of this mode.  So if they were on, they will remain on.  If they were off, they will remain off.
Please note: the refrigerator will perform better with fans always switched on (unless you are on holidays and do not need to open the appliance doors).

• The IceMaker switches off

CBNes 6256 featuring Sabbath mode

How to activate Sabbath mode

Activating the mode literally involves the touch of a few buttons! But after 120 hours if the mode is not manually switched off, it will automatically switch itself off. Full details of how to activate the Sabbath mode are located in the ‘Operating Instructions’ located on our website.

Which Liebherr refrigerators include Sabbath mode?

Models offering this feature include: CBNes 6256 freestanding French door, ECBN 6256 fully integrated French door, ECBN 6156 and ECBN 5066 fully integrated bottom mounts and CNPef 4516, CNPef 4416, CNef 4315 freestanding bottom mounts.

ECBN 50566 featuring Sabbath mode

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