seamless design stainless steel finish

When it comes to building a new home there are many decisions to be made. Once the design and layout choices have been made then comes the endless list of fixtures you will need to choose; wall colours, floor furnishing, bathroom fittings, door styles, window frames, furniture, appliances. The list keeps growing and it’s quite a daunting task. For particular areas of the home it’s extremely important to know exactly what you want down to the finest detail as it will need to be drawn into the building plans. For example; the kitchen appliances – the correct space is required for ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, rangehoods and refrigeration.

Building a new home, allows for plans to be modified to suit unique sized appliances such as a freestanding side by side refrigerator, upright range cooker, dishwasher etc.

Speaking from experience, building a new home allowed for our plans to be modified to suit a large freestanding side by side stainless fridge. At the time, we asked for a cavity width of 1040mm and 800mm depth which would allow enough clearance behind and either side for ventilation plus door opening swing clearance. I wanted it to fit snug in the cavity and not intrude into the kitchen or break up the ‘flow’ of the cabinetry. Unfortunately, we didn’t read the plans properly and upon final build realised the cavity was 1400m – 360mm (36cm!) too wide. This left us with a gaping hole next to our stainless steel freestanding fridge! Our new kitchen was left looking disjointed – the desired seamless design had been lost.

Reasons why you choose a stainless steel look for a seamless design

When you pick a stainless steel refrigerator you generally do so for a reason. It matches other appliances, you like the prestigious and contemporary look it offers, it may even match your chrome pantry door handles. With freestanding refrigerators though due to the door swing opening and ventilation required, they often overhang the cavity depth (to allow clearance for door swing) and need space either side for ventilation. So it can interrupt the clean lines you may have been seeking in your new kitchen.

This is where Liebherr’s bottom mount fully integrated refrigerators (ECBN 6156 & ECBN 5066) come into the equation. ‘Fully integrated’ these models offer a seamless way to integrate into your kitchen without exposed cavities. As an optional extra you can purchase stainless steel door panels and handles to suit, providing your kitchen space with the much sought after seamless design stainless steel finish, along with the benefits of an integrated appliance.

steamless design stainless steel

So before building your new home or renovating your existing kitchen it would be worth taking a look at the Liebherr integrated range. Liebherr offer the best of both worlds, integration and a seamless stainless steel finish.

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