Create the ultimate fully integrated side by side

Why purchase a traditional side by side, when Liebherr’s fully integrated individual appliances, lets you choose a combination.  With a choice of six fully integrated 60cm wide refrigerators in the Liebherr range, the ability to create the ultimate side by side is inevitable.

No need to adapt your shopping habits to potential fridge limitations.  When you have purchased a Liebherr appliance, there won’t be any.  With a selection of bottom mount fridge / freezers (SICBN 3366, SICBN 3356, SICN 3366 and SICN 3356) and an all freezer (SIGN 3576) and all fridge (SIKB 3550) option, pick two and the ‘cool’ cavity is at your command.

SIGN 3576 and SIKB 3550 Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigeration

By pairing together two individual appliances it allows the ability to choose what you actually require.  More freezer, less fridge or vice versa?  Consumed by fresh food?  BioFresh is the storage solution for longer term freshness.  It is all about complementing your household, the food consumed and shopping habits.  A fridge should work for you.  Not the other way around.

SICN 3356 & SICBN 3366: a frequent match

Two of the most popular models in the Liebherr integrated range are the bottom mount combination fridge / freezer SICN 3356 and SICBN 3366. Bottom mount appliances means the fridge takes up a large portion of the space in the top part of the appliance, while freezer drawers are at the bottom.  In many households the fridge is opened much more frequently throughout the day, than the freezer.  So regular bending or squatting is not required when the fridge is in the upper portion of the appliance.

SICN 3356 & SICBN 3366 Liebherr fully integrated side by side

Two of the key features available in the SICBN 3366 that are not offered in the SICN 3356 include BioFresh and an internal IceMaker.   Why purchase a BioFresh model and a more traditional option (ie: no BioFresh) as a side by side you may ask?  There are a three good reasons for that:

1) BioFresh (just above 0°C) is designed for fresh produce to last longer.  So, unless you have an abundance of fresh produce to fill four BioFresh drawers (across two appliances), it would not be necessary to have BioFresh available in both fridges.  Two BioFresh drawers in one appliance is often enough.

2) Having the option of traditional crisper drawers in one appliance also allows the storage of other food types that are not suited to such a chilled environment as the one found in BioFresh.  Like tropical fruits or other items, you prefer to toss in a fridge drawer, rather than on the shelf.

3) Cost effectiveness of course.  Why purchase features you don’t need?

Want to learn more about Liebherr’s fully integrated range of refrigeration?  Visit our website or contact our friendly sales team on 1800 685 899.