Liebherr’s latest underbench fully integrated fridge

Until recently Liebherr’s range of underbench fully integrated refrigeration included a fridge (UIK 1620) and freezer (UIG 1313).  Both with the traditional side opening door.  So, you can imagine how excited we are to introduce the latest addition to our range.  Liebherr’s new SUIKo 1550 fully integrated fridge with a pull-out door.  The perfect solution for compact spaces.  Especially when side opening doors are an infringement on other appliances or cabinetry space.

Liebherr SUIKo 1550 Fully Integrated Underbench Fridge

Functionality of a SUIKo 1550 pull out door

Now you might be thinking, that it would be awkward having a pull-out door.  Trying to reach past to the contents at the back of the fridge.  But you would be mistaken.  Whilst the fruit and vegetable bin located on telescopic rails is automatically drawn out upon pulling the door open, both shelves are also located on telescopic rails.  So, shelving can be smoothly extracted from within the appliance.  Making it extremely easy and convenient to locate any items placed at the rear of the appliance.  Meaning you can utilise every inch of space.  Dividers are also located on each shelf to easily categorise different food or beverage locations.

SUIKo 1550 Underbench Fully Integrated Shelf Rails

And unlike traditional shelving, there is also the extra safeguard rails at the front of the shelves.  This ensures nothing inadvertently slips off the shelf whilst it is in transition.  Plus, the SoftSystem hinge means the door closes gently.  This minimises damage to fresh fruit and vegetable in the crisper bin.

Whilst compact in size, this appliance is not small on features.  It also includes Liebherr’s SuperCool for fast chilling, LED lighting for easy content viewing and a MagicEye control system with LCD for smooth operation of the appliance.

What does fully integrated actually mean?

What is fully integrated I hear you ask?  It means that you can install the appliance behind cabinetry that matches the rest of the kitchen décor.  Which creates a seamless, streamlined appearance within the kitchen environment.  But what if you prefer the stainless-steel look?  And you want it to match other appliances?  Sure, no worries.  Why not purchase a stainless-steel door panel and handle, that turns the appliance into a stainless-steel masterpiece.

SUIKo 1550 Stainless Steel Door Panel and Handle

Need to know more?  Check out our website or contact our Liebherr sales team on 1800 685 899.