To say that Liebherr were thrilled to be a part of the first online series in late 2018 of ‘The Design Duo’ would be an understatement. Throughout the series we watched with awe as Alisa and Lysandra, and their exceptional construction crew, transformed a Victorian terrace home.  It became a luxurious multi-level residence that is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Albert Parks hidden gem

Situated in Albert Park, within walking distance from Melbourne CBD the twins created a hidden gem.  And we mean that quite literally. Not only will this property delight with its high end, latest design and technology throughout which features Liebherr’s ECBN 6156 bottom mount integrated fridge freezer in a striking, functional kitchen.  But it will absolutely thrill wine connoisseurs.  Especially when they discover the magnificent, opulent cellar, bathroom and cinema room buried beneath the ground.  Now you know what we mean by a literal hidden gem.

Of course, an underground cellar wouldn’t be complete without a Liebherr wine cellar.  A must have to store wine at the optimal serving temperature. So, it was only fitting that The Design Duo include not one, but two Liebherr UWTes 1672 built-in dual zone underbench wine cellars.  Let’s face it when you’ve got an entertainment hub like that in your home, you will be hosting endless events.  Wine will always be at the ready!

And with a multilevel home you don’t want to be walking up and down stairs endlessly for a simple refreshment.  So Alisa and Lysandra included a Liebherr Alfresco beverage centre in their outdoor terrace. Talk about the ultimate relaxation zone while you take in the views.

The Design Duo is a must watch

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching The Design Duo series, we highly recommend you take the time. And we aren’t being biased, but episodes two, three and four are particularly exceptional. Ok so we might be a little biased…they do feature Liebherr appliances after all.

Whilst here at Liebherr we know our appliances are exceptional when it comes to quality, technology and design. In this instance we thought we’d leave the last word to the design experts Alisa and Lysandra:

“LIEBHERR offers state of the art refrigerators and freezers that are distinguished by their minimalist yet robust design, which offer functionality and energy efficiency as well as taste and nutrient preservation. With a history synonymous to exceptional product quality, they lead the way with innovation therefore adding value to any kitchen design project, including ours.”

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