Liebherr UWTgb 1682 dual zone wine cellar with TipOpen technology

Who remembers in their younger days shouting the phrase ‘look, no hands!’?  Well guess what?  You are about to shout it again with the introduction of Liebherr’s new dual zone underbench wine cellar – UWTgb 1682 – featuring TipOpen technology.

Look, no hands entry!

At a glance Liebherr’s UWTgb 1682 wine cellar looks as it should.  A sophisticated appliance finished in a black glass door with a tinted window, so you can stare adoringly (should you choose too) at your prized vintages.  However, on further inspection one may realise – it has no door handle.  Now just how are you supposed to open it?

Well, the latest member to the underbench built-in appliance range features Liebherr’s TipOpen technology.  So, when you apply soft pressure to just the right spot, the door gently opens.  Whether it be just a fingertip, a brush of your hip or poke of your elbow – you don’t need your hand to grip a handle to open this little gem.  Look, no hands!

What is Liebherr’s TipOpen technology?

So how does this TipOpen technology work?  When you tap on the TipOpen, the door opens by itself to a maximum opening angle of about 7.6°.  If within 3 seconds you do not open the door further, the door will automatically close itself.  This is a fantastic safety feature for times when you may inadvertently brush past and open the appliance without realising.  Cold air is not left to escape until that moment when you realise it is open.  It also features SoftSystem close from an angle of approximately 27°, to prevent forceful closure creating vibrations to your wine.

Liebherr UWTgb 1682 dual zone wine cellar with telescopic shelves

What other features does it offer?

Other wine cellar features include LED lighting for easy viewing, telescopic shelving for convenient extraction, plus two independent temperature zones.  With dual zones this means you can store red and white wine at their optimal serving temperature between 5°C to 20°C.

Want to know more?  Visit our website to view the complete list of features and benefits this appliance offers.

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