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Shrinivas Jyoti

Usually people around me, always know me as “Shree”. I have been a brand & marketing evangelist for the last 12+ years. I like being part of this digital transformation era wherein traditional media is getting replaced with digital media. That is what makes my current job so interesting which combines the right blend of both.

Additionally, surfing the World Wide Web is my first and foremost hobby. A great amount of my time you'll find me either with my laptop or with my smartphone. That’s why my smartphone , laptop and Microsoft’s PowerPoint / Excel / Word are good friends of mine with whom I usually spend a lot of time.

Apart from that travelling is also a major passion of mine. One day I would definitely like to travel off road adventurous drive somewhere – but then definitely without my “digital company”. Just to be close to mother nature.

I follow one mantra in my life : “When you stop worrying about what people will say about you, that’s the time when you start being yourself.” And that’s why you will always find me in good mood. Let’s rock´n roll together!!