Information, fresh ideas and fun: Liebherr apps have plenty to offer for mobile devices.

Whether it’s a practical kitchen planning tool (Kitchen Photo Designer app), an information service about food (BioFresh app) or wine (Bordeaux WineGuide app), or just for some party fun (Ice Crusher app), Liebherr offers multiple free apps for smartphones and tablets – in several different languages. Here’s an overview of all of those :

These small, useful programs on smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. At Liebherr we have seven practical apps, in several languages, for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

One of these is the BioFresh app (available for: iPhone, iPad , Android & windows). This offers useful information about foods, vitamins and shelf lives – all clearly organised from A to Z or by category, and with a helpful search function. How long will carrots stay fresh in the fridge? What vitamins do apples contain? What is the best place to store fish? Can grapes really keep for up to two weeks longer in the BioFresh compartment? Liebherr’s new BioFresh app answers these and many more questions. Whether in their kitchen or at the supermarket, BioFresh app users have at-hand access to detailed expertise about vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products.

The Media app (available for: iPad and Android) can be used to download all Liebherr Hausgeräte domestic appliance catalogues and videos, quickly and easily, onto your iPad. You can discover everything you need to know whenever, and wherever, you like!

The Energy Saving app (available for: iPad) gives an overview of the ultra-low-energy products in the Liebherr range and of their elegant designs. The app also provides information about energy consumption and the energy efficiency classes of the appliances.

The Kitchen Photo Designer app (available for: iPhone and iPad) is a useful kitchen planning tool. This free Liebherr app provides customers with a realistic impression of how well a specific Liebherr appliance will fit into their kitchen, all in a matter of seconds. Using the app is easy: simply position the appliance of your choice in the photo window, changing its scale and angle of rotation in any way you like. Once you’ve achieved the right size and position, simply place it in a photo of the kitchen. This gives an accurate idea of how your favourite appliance will look in your home. Of course, the photo can also be stored and sent to others. The app also provides detailed information about all sorts of appliances and their designs, ranging from fridge-freezers to side-by-side models to wine cabinets.

And the best party piece of all is our Ice Crusher app (available for: iPhone). Let ice cubes tumble down your iPhone screen or conjure up crushed ice in an instant. Give it a go!

The Bordeaux WineGuide app (German, available for: iPhone) enables you to access information about the origin and quality of various Bordeaux wines, whenever you like. You can also find interesting tips on storage, drinking temperature and much more. A real must for wine lovers!

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